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Hi guys! Okay here's the situation. I'm in my clinical rotation on a med/surg floor, why is it that the nurses there threat us students (who are helping them out with their pt loads)like we are in... Read More

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    Originally posted by geleesa
    Hi guys!
    why is it that the nurses there threat us students (who are helping them out with their pt loads)like we are in the way and causing them so much inconvience?

    I dont get it. We lighten their loads enormously, give meds, iv and inj, do all assesments ,paperwork,almost everything and they give us such a hard time.
    The first statement made says "the" nurses not some nurses.

    I personally found it offending and a generalization, but hey, I'm an adult, I can let it roll off - and give her the answer that she wants.

    As far as "lightening the load" - I stand by S. Shem's rules for the House of G-d, and I paraphrase, "The day that I find a (med)student that doesn't double my work load, I will bend over and kiss his feet." But then I guess I am being as guilty of the generalization sin as I dislike in others as written above.

    I like having students - as they require me to think outside the box, actually know and voice rationales behind what we do. I have had only one student nurse decline me as preceptor - as she was going for a degree of nursing higher than mine (So not going into that thread!!!)- and she did not think that it was "appropriate" for me to precept her. Unfortunately for her, it meant no chemo pts as I was the only chemo certified nurse on, Oh, well.

    But most students, as a general rule, do not lighten the load as much as they feel that do - it usually just makes the work harder, truly I have found.

    If we do not like generalization about ourselves, please do not generalize about others. Try to drop a few somes or many, or a few into your statements instead of thes and alls that are all encompassing, if requesting info. It makes a difference in how one is perceived by the reading BB audience and is less inflammatory (unless you desire inflammatory, then flame on).
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    Thank you so kindly for the Godiva Chocolate Martini.

    A round for the house on me please.

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    Originally posted by l.rae
    l don't see any generalizations here quote: Don't get me wrong, I have worked alongside a few Nurses that care about the students and want us to learn. But, MAN! there are 4 nurses on the floor that give all the nursing students such a hard time.
    ......maybe not stated eloquently.....but you know, throwing the first stone...yadayadayada.......lighten up y'all.....or sober up
    I believe it was her second post that irritated and generalized. You know, after she got an answer she didn't like.
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    i am so amazed.

    A FEW (dont want to gereralize in fear that It will start a riot) of you managed to take one simple little question and turn it into someting so silly it's pathetic. When I first found this site, I began to read some of the threads and I was impressed with the sincerity of it members (oops there i go gereralizing again...owww smack on the hand!) I understand that this is a tight nit community- and apparently dont take kindly to strangers who connont seem to post questions in the manner you would like. Damn that freedom of speech! any who, thanks to all who took a moment to respond to my thread- that wasnt tooo generalizing . was it?

    darn alcohol..............
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    Geleesa, your response shows you aren't taking to heart the advice you've been given...You can't expect to only get the answers you want or why even ask, you know.

    I responded very kindly on the last page, I really hope you take that to heart, and read the thread Heather posted & maybe even talk to the member who started that thread. Sometimes it's hard (oh how I know that) but you have to say, hey that came out wrong or I meant to say it this way & no hard feelings a fresh start...but to keep retorting sarcastically will get you no help.
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    Typing at people is so different from face-to-face conversations. You miss the tone of voice, body language, expression, etc..

    Neglecting to type one little word, and you could be accused of generalization or having attitude. I am a blunt person, (but not hurtfully so) and in everyday conversation I am taken as just "to the point" but in cyber land it could be construed as snotty.

    I'm still a student, also. I lurked here for months before joining. I can see people's frustration at the same ol' stuff being brought up, but I have noticed some people are much more sensitive to the wording of questions. I wish that if members found the post offensively worded, they would just skip over it. You did get some answers here, so obiviosly your wording didn't bother everybody.