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surgical and orthopedic nurse at a medium size hospital

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  1. surgorthonurse

    what do wanna eat in Nightshift?

  2. surgorthonurse

    Nurse, what's your number?

    We used to carry cell phones. Now we have ID tags that light up the lights above the door of the room we are in. They are color coded for each: cna, lpn or rn. I call them our house arrest badges or our home detention detectors.
  3. surgorthonurse

    Why do Nurse's wear there degree on there name badges?

    Where I work it is either cna, lpn or rn.. Believe me the bsns and msns here have an ego problem well 70% of them.. My feelings it doesn't matter bsn or msn, lpn, or cna we all are here for the same reason the patient. My philosophy no matter if you wash the dishes or pass the meds everyone is important, from the CEO to the housekeepers. treat others like you want to be treated.. Kindness goes along way..
  4. surgorthonurse

    Relocating to California.

    Caramel, I am envious... My dream place to work.. If you hear of any openings......
  5. surgorthonurse

    This is my first time here

    Hi Gracie and welcome...I agree i am hooked here too...
  6. surgorthonurse

    When you have an "I hate my job" day, try this

    Cute and very funny...I will try that thursday after my meeting with my A.D.
  7. surgorthonurse

    Where do you nurse?

    I work in a medium sized hospital on med/surg/orthopedics unit. But my heart is in LTC..I eventually want to work at a Veterans hospital with psych patients.. long story..
  8. surgorthonurse

    Uncle dying

    my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. My mother 10 years ago was some what healthy, the she had a stroke..A brain stem infarction.. The doctors said she would not live more than 72 hours. Because of the severity. but she lived 7 weeks. All during that time we talked to her about the wonderful memories we all had. Hearing is the last to go. I remember so vivid as if it was yesterday. At 6pm I told her i was going to go home and would be back at 6:15.. I also told her if she wanted to go it was fine with me. i got back at 6:14 and she had died at 6;12pm.. i beleive she wanted just to know i was fine with her passing.. So I encourage you and youe family to talk to your uncle about all the good memories you have. then when you are all ready, tell him you are fine with his passing. I have seen it many times in my career, when a family lets go then the patient is at peace..
  9. surgorthonurse

    If you could invent a pill to fix people, what kind would it be?

    The pill I would market is No matter what your job everyone is important. Then I would make all the rude and arrogant people ingest it.
  10. surgorthonurse

    Job Satisfaction Rating

    9.0 Med/Surg/Orthopedics Give it a 9.75 if someone can get rid of our A.D.
  11. Take all the responses and roll them into a big ball. Excellent pieces of advice. When I started working on Med/Surg i was given a few pieces of advice. They are as follows: 1. treat everyone with the respect you want. All are important from the housekeepers to the Big Kahuna. 2. Everyone is human. and the best tidbit 3. If you want to work med/surg grow big balls because surgeons have an larger than life ego.
  12. surgorthonurse

    Burnt out or fed up!

    Belinda, I too used to work in LTC. I started out as a CNA so I have been on the other end of the spectrum. I have only been out of LTC for 4 years. What I noticed was the new people coming into the facility had different attitudes. They saw it as a paycheck. One where all you had to do was come in put in your time and leave. It did not matter that people were involved. All they saw were dollar signs. I need all my fingers and toes plus yours to count the times my DON told me Roni cut them a little slack.. My response was "Slack".. I did not ask them to give any less than i did. My motto is " Why do anything at all if you are going to do it half-a**ed. Better not to do it" One of the best nurse's I was mentored by told me they will remember the nurse with the kind words, warm and giving heart, and warm smile. It is hard to believe this when you work with lazy uncaring people.. Also remember though your residents deserve the best care so what ever it takes.. Whether it is calling your Ombudsman or the state board. We all have to live with our choices..I am not sure if I could forgive myself for not standing up for my convictions.. What ever you choose I am sure it will be the right choice.
  13. surgorthonurse

    2 Nurses needed???

    Old school or not...Is 10,000 units of heparin or 2 units of insulin worth throwing your career away for??? If so I hear Burger King is hiring...
  14. surgorthonurse

    I need an online nurse!!

    you can either email or pm me. I have been in your shoes. We all need some help..
  15. Some nurses forget that is where we all START!!!!
  16. surgorthonurse

    Question for those who started or currently in Med-Surg

    Med/Surg what a great, difficult, hair pulling, wonderful... All I can say is that in Med/Surg you learn sooooooo much..... Not for the lazy or weak at heart... My first preceptor what a NURSE... Compassionate, tough, kind, difficylt... But likeable. Gave me the best piece of advice to this day. If you are going to work Med/ Surg make sure you grow some big balls. You will need them with surgeons...