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Im just curious. I have reading a lot of posts/threads in different forums and a lot of nursing students say they hate med/surg. I was just curious as to why.... Read More

  1. by   mariposabella
    Quote from loveshospital
    I so love medical surgical area which is the base for any specialty.I love to take care of the pt with variety of conditions,this is my first choice then maybe psych.
    Yeah I was reading in a book that med/surg is the base for any specialty and that its a good way to gain experience.
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    Quote from Sarah Hay
    I am actually studying for my Medical-Surgical I final now. It's brutal. Only three days to study.
    Wow good luck, hope you ace the test!
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    Quote from jenawade25
    med/surg is hard. it's like 6-8 chapters each week, with each chapter being at least 50 pages. then the clinical rotation also gets intense because you're doing total patient care (assessment, meds, bathing, care plans, etc.). if you have a clinical instructor like i had for med/surg it's a nightmare. she wanted to fail me, she even tried to kick me out of the class. with the intervention of our lead instructor i was allowed to return to clinical. to keep a long story short, i worked my butt off and passed with a c.
    i think i must have had the same ci. lol just kidding. mine was a very threatening environment. she really didn't seem interested in being a ci, she was always disappearing. i learned later she had "issues".
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    Oh Gosh... I am starting med-surg tomorrow!!!

    we are using Pearson Hall!!!
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    Quote from helpingothersinlife
    oh gosh... i am starting med-surg tomorrow!!!

    we are using pearson hall!!!

    ah dear, what year are you in already???
    pearson hall is a known book. hehehe :d i knew that brand :spin:
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