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  1. I applied for cvs to NY. I am currently in the process of accomplishing my cgfns. my school discarded the files i requested of them because it was already overdue ove 6 months. Now they are asking me to pass the form which i believe its the transcript validation form or the request for transcript of records.. so my question is, where can i get a he transcript validation form? i was searching in the cgfns dot org website but it says there not found.. do i have to send my highschool diploma to cgfns? (Applied for cvs to new york) do i have to have the form notarized? before i pass the form in my college? my license was already reviewd, and cgfns are waiting for the academic credentials for review. thanks for replying..
  2. rplf29

    Thinking about Masters in Nursing

    hi :) I am also thinking about applying for a Master's degree.. I'm still a student, and planning for that too. based from what i have researched, Cardiology and OB/Gyne is a good area for specialization.. but I also like Oncology. Here our the other Special areas: >Pediatrics >Gerontology >Primary care >Gastroenterology >Oncology >Cardiology >OB/Gyne I'll keep myself updated re- this post, God Bless on your endeavor
  3. Hi :) I am an incoming fourth year Nursing student. I have loved this course, and will continue loving this.. I just wanted to ask some advices related to paths towards Nursing. Some has told me to get into Military nursing, as a Student nurse, I shall have to undergo alot of experiences to be able to perform effectively. On the other hand, I also wanted to study and improve in other areas be it in Cardiology, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, ICU, etc..but in order for me to do that, what job can I enter related to Nursing or other Health jobs that can support me in studying more and at the same time learning in clinicals. is that possible? I have a lot of questions too... what are the paths possible to have Masteral Degree.. Is it possible that you take a Culinary Course and go back to nursing? Which area is a good starting point after Graduation? God bless.. I really appreciate for the replies regarding this one. LOC: quite confused.. lol.
  4. hello everyone!!! Im back to allnurses.com and it really feels great to share some stories here :) I just wanted to share my experience to my return demonstration last week ... Of course, before you practice return demonstration to your clinical instructor, you will have to undergo a lecture demonstration to which you are going to practice it also. I was nervous but at the same time excited to perform it.. when i had the chance to see who will be my clinical instructor..I thought about them how they will guide me, etc. I had to perform my ret dem in a way i wish to impress the CI but since it was my first time, I did it somehow alright :) and thank God I survived! The demonstrations I have to perform were, handwashing taking apical pulse rate oral care for unconscious patient blood pressure respiratory rate donning of sterile gloves back massage question?... uhmm, in doing this demonstration, what ideas or stories you would like to share??.. I will be glad to hear your insights or tips in performing allertly andperforming good too.:heartbeat I will be returning a demonstration on tuesday after the day tomorrow (june 29) ..please pray for me. hehe
  5. this is an open forum. You may say what ever you like. like, the things you dont want to say to your fellows. The things that you dont like others to know, but instead you keep it to yourself. This thread does not mean to offend anyone here, but to be more aware what others would think. trust yourself. boost confidence.it will make alot better for you and the one that surrounds you.
  6. this is the correct thread. sorry for the mistake everyone. i forgot the word "say"
  7. things you would not like to say to your fellow students and nurses. what i mean..
  8. * for your replies, please indicate whether you pertain your message to your fellow student or nurse hello! good day everyone! you might just want to share your stories or you might want to express yourself here. the topic for this forum is: "things you dont like to your fellow students or nurses" ♥♥♥this is a thread where others can relate to your feelings and you might just have same stories or encounters with others♥♥♥
  9. rplf29

    Happy Nurses Week!

    Happy nurses week to everyone!! God Bless All!!!
  10. hehehe awww, thank you! i will keep your word on a positive level!!
  11. LOL!!! misunderstandings...tsk tsk. Its good that you have understood each other completely. hehehe. happy allnurses.com!!!
  12. CHEMISTRY? Will I be encountering the naming of compounds there?.. the meta, blah blah?.. Cell Biology. I got it. hmmn.,.. I will find a book. thanks again
  13. rplf29

    Test question, just wanted your thoughts

    daytonite, you really are good :) thanks for all the help, though others are just still starting this career just like me. i really am fond of reading those kind of articles and questions about nursing. it exposes my mind to think more critically while enjoying it at the same time come on. ask some more questions!!! i love reading it! hehehe
  14. rplf29

    Why do a lot of nursing students hate med/surg?

    ah dear, what year are you in already??? pearson hall is a known book. hehehe i knew that brand
  15. THANK YOU :).. Actually, I am browsing all the sites that I got from the NURSING STUDENT ASSISTANCE FORUM about Anatomy, Physiology, Pathophysiology, Biology..now.. I was reading and reviewing all about CELLS again to refreshen me up. From the month of April and May is my summer month. I have no classes. and Next semester is my second year already. I think I will be having Anatomy and Physiology listed in my line of subjects. Thats why Im scanning or somewhat trying to understand it by myself the topics i will be encountering. Is it okay reading all the stuffs here in the internet rather than reading the books?.. Right now, somehow, it might be okay because I haven't bought my supplies for the next sem. yet. Thank you for your reply