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Ok, I'm a bit frustrated with all of these posts telling us that we shouldn't go into nursing because we need a job and steady income. Sure, I do like to help people, but I need a steady job even... Read More

  1. by   Stormy0516
    Quote from CNM2B
    I had some that I sold when I gave up my dream of becoming a nurse and now that I am going back, I would love to buy some. Not knowing where I will work and what their dress codes will be, I can't afford to spend money on something I won't be able to wear.

    *sigh* right at this very moment, I am so very proud and happy to be a part of this profession even if I am not "there" yet.
    I guess you could buy 'white' scrubs..; you can wear them just about ANYWHERE...; I wore white scrubs for YEARS after everyone 'color-coded' their depts, etc.. but finally gave up my 'whites', because ink stains, etc, are just too obvious on them, whereas with the colored scrubs.. they aren't nearly as noticeable..
  2. by   Jennifer03275
    I am going to nursing school for a few reasons. Most of all, I ENJOY being an LNA and want to further my scope of practice. The other reason is also the availability of employment and income. For many years my husband has been the major bread winner in my home. Doing what I enjoy and taking the burden off of him will be wonderful!
  3. by   Kandee Roses
    Quote from lizz
    ok, i'm a bit frustrated with all of these posts telling us that we shouldn't go into nursing because we need a job and steady income. sure, i do like to help people, but i need a steady job even more. so, i decided to post a poll to see if we can get some honest answers.

    i feel that nursing is a "calling." i have answered that call. i've always been in the healthcare field since i was old enough to work. i worked as a cna for ten years before deciding to go into nursing. i graduated last month from school and now am working as a nurse in a long term care facility. i feel i am right where i am suppose to be, doing what i love best....looking after our elderly.
  4. by   TexasPoodleMix
    Quote from Tony35NYC
    You know, you are so right about that. A friend of mine spent 23 grand on a masters degree at a private university, and she's now working part-time for $12.00 an hour, which is the same amount that a junior secretary with a high school diploma makes.
    DITTO ! I just graduated with my ma in cnsling. and can't find anything that pays even remotely well. when you count the tax and commute (gas$$) i'd be making pretty much uhh. nothing.

    I am interested in nursing because I do love helping people and making a difference in people's lives. I also love the flexibility, FAST PACE, and decent, regular $$.

    I will be working retail this summer .
  5. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    Quote from lizz
    Ok, so if you weren't paid for that, would you still do it? Seriously. :uhoh21:
    Actually, that's pretty much how I try to live my life (being a caring person and helping others, etc.), and no, I usually don't get paid for it, except that I do get a lot of pleasure from it. Just realized, though, that I am not so aware of the pleasure part of it until later, usually.

    I can help people and be a productive, contributing, responsible member of society and my community by doing any number of jobs, some of which I am even qualified for! I am going to nursing to 1) fulfill a life long dream and 2) for the job security and decent pay.

    So my particular reasons don't mean that I don't have those other qualities too.

    I was very idealistic as a young woman. I thought that being paid a fair wage or even being paid well, somehow meant the work was not as honorable as if you weren't paid all that well. Now I am older, and I can tell you that that is garbage. You can do very honorable work and be paid very well. The two aren't mutually exclusive.

    And if you are bright enough to know that at 22 or 30, terrific! Or if you have to wait til your late 40's, like I did, better late than never.....
  6. by   kellilou3
    Quote from Stitchie
    I worked for a while as an admin assistant and hated it; I knew that in many ways I was smarter, more motivated and deep down inside a better person than those I was filing, copying and getting coffee for. I don't mean this to be a smart-aleck but I always felt that if someone had to walk past the fax machine to ask me to fax something for him/her...I just didn't get the whole concept.
    Stitchie, I laughed out loud when I read the part about the fax machine, because the exact same thing happened to me while working a temp job after being laid off.

    After several unsuccessful interviews, the final straw was when, during a lunch interview for a marketing communications position, the CEO asked me if I knew what a 'gerund' was. Of course I didn't (do any of you?), thus prompting him to ask me the definition of three other obscure grammar terms. I told him that I probably learned them in the 6th grade but haven't used them since, so I didn't know the answers, and at that point focused all of my attention on my free lunch. :angryfire It was then that I realized that I no longer wanted to, and didn't deserve to, subject myself to these buttholes treating me like an idiot because I had applied for an administrative position. I knew that I was too intelligent to waste my brain on more paper-pushing and decided to become specialized in something......anything, for goodness sake!

    Don't know how I came to the conclusion that I wanted to be a nurse, but the factors that attract me to nursing are:
    -the salary and benefits
    -working only three days a week, if I want
    -immense opportunities for changing, learning, and growing
    -the ability to teach patients
    -this one may sound goofy, but getting exercise just from the sheer nature of the job
    -the ability to help friends and family members in emergency situations
    -the feeling that I am making a difference in people's lives
  7. by   Shelly69
    I always joke with my co-workers that in my next life I's going to be a mailman, but I hosnestly don't know what I could do if I weren't an lpn. Since I was a little kid I always said I wanted to ba a doctor, a nurse, or a dancer. I took ballet until high school and then I got into the lpn program. I am still trying to get my rn. I will eventually, but you know as you get older, the husband, kids, house, etc.. become priorities. The pay is decent, but I still feel good when someone calls back to the job just to say thank you, or the kids give me hugs, even after I give them shots!
  8. by   jjnurse2
    Quote from lizz
    Ok, I'm a bit frustrated with all of these posts telling us that we shouldn't go into nursing because we need a job and steady income. Sure, I do like to help people, but I need a steady job even more. So, I decided to post a poll to see if we can get some honest answers.

    The truth is I was a CNA for a year and knew from that point that I could handle a career in nursing. Yes of course the knowledge that I will not have to worry about losing my job and I will have a good income are perks but they are not why I am going to school to be a nurse. I also like having a career where I know I can make a difference.
  9. by   blueiwahine
    First - I want to help people and have a job that is rewarding.

    Second - I want a job that I can do anywhere...I want to move to an Island....preferably Hawaii or Virgin Islands

    Third - I want a job that has many facets to it....So I'll never be able to get bored with it.

    Fourth - I won't have to worry about being laid off or not making enough money to survive.
  10. by   fnimat1
    There are numerous reasons that I want to be a nurse, so I"m going to list the most important.

    1. I absolutely love taking care of other people. I guess it's a nurturing thing...you kind've get that way when you become a mother...and to me nursing is a very nurturing profession.

    2. I want to be an advocate for patients and their families. I want to be able to educate them on their situation healthwise.

    3. Ultimately I want to be a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner....

    4. After being a SAHM for 10 years....I would love to earn my own money and contribute to my family finances.

    5. I'm a great leader.

  11. by   rajmathy
    Ambition to be doc. Lower secondary didnt qualify me for sciences. Next tried nursing n got it after 3rd interview. I love my job. Feel proud coz' knowledgeable enough to give advice to patients, friends and the most for own family bebefits! Now Im a Bsc. degree holder! Aiming to go further with god's willing.
  12. by   shyviolet78
    Quote from lizz
    Ok, I'm a bit frustrated with all of these posts telling us that we shouldn't go into nursing because we need a job and steady income. Sure, I do like to help people, but I need a steady job even more. So, I decided to post a poll to see if we can get some honest answers.

    Initially it was for job security, steady income, and flexible scheduling. We are planning on moving to a rural area and having children as soon as I graduate, so I wanted to know I had a job that was in demand wherever I went, allowed to keep my kids out of daycare, and still be able to pay the bills. Then, when I started school, I got a job as a tech in an ICU to see how "bad" nursing would be. I loved being in the hospital and working with the patients, and most everything about it. So, now, I can't imagine doing anything else but nursing.
  13. by   cherokeesummer
    I'm with ya! I want to help people, I want to be challenged and I LOVE TO LEARN!!!!

    So after earning my BA in Psych and not being able to work in it; then working towards my MS in Psych (only need to do a thesis to be done). I got this booooom idea in my head to become a nurse!

    My mom tried to get me to go to nursing school right out of high school but I was like NO WAY, I dn't want to be a nurse and deal with gross stuff!

    Now I'm intrigued by the body adn all that happens, though I am not looking forward to the gross stuff!

    But if I had to list my reasons for nursing school:

    HELPING PEOPLE is always a GREAT THING! Then after that:

    1. Steady Job Opportunities
    2. Steady Income and good income
    3. Intriguing field
    4. Scrubs look very cool
    5. Knowing what to do with a steth.
    6. Being able to say I am an RN
    7. I am a professional student