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have anyone, or does anyone have to deal with the competitiveness, cattyness and unbearable melting pot of personalities of fellow nursing classmates? at times my teacher broadcasts the grades of... Read More

  1. by   belladelicious
    Well, everyone asks eachother what they made on a test...even if we don't know them. That never happened to me prior to nursing school.

    However, I think my class is pretty helpful, and we all feel bad whenever someone fails,etc... I remember at the end of this semester, when some people saw they failed, everyone talked about it, and we all felt bad. And everyone studies together too. But, yea, it's definetely different than my first 2 years of school!
  2. by   belladelicious
    One more thing, there have been a few people who complain when they don't get A's. I find that to be rude, b/c I know several students are struggling to even get a C. I agree w/Jill, I think I will keep my grades to myself. I think everyone judges everyone else.

    I know a few of the teachers who favor students b/c they like their personality. I could go on and on about that, but anyway, the teachers annoy me more than the students. They seem scatter brained, and they get on my last nerve! And such attitude problems.

    It's so nice to have a good teacher, I hope all of you do and take advantage, because I think it'll be rare where I'm attending.
  3. by   KarenAR
    Quote from mariedoreen
    Actually some of us who are sitting in the front seat aren't there because we feel the need to be ahead of everyone else, but because we are striving to do our personal best and are just ending up there.
    I used to sit in the front row because:

    (1) I was paying for school myself and didn't want to be distracted by a conversation going on between two students in front of me


    (2) I could be the first one out of the classroom when class was over!

  4. by   lifeisbeautiful
    Oh, the competition and cattiness? That is just a hint of things to come before you are out working :chuckle Personally, I never understood the fierce competition in the classroom. I use to get so irritated when a student would argue a question on a test (only because they missed it) and continue arguing until they were blue in the face just to get that extra point :uhoh21: (which they rarely got because their answer was WRONG). Some of the people that got the highest scores on their in-class tests didn't do as well in their clinicals. Most of the people I went to nursing school with were very helpful. More so in the LPN program than the RN program though. In my opinion, Nursing school need to educate students with more hands-on skills (starting IVs, inserting NG tubes, dealing with trachs and colostomy bags, etc..), not all the written "Care Plans".
  5. by   MassLPN2005
    I am one of those people. Great at book work but clinicals are a challenge. I am planning this fall to try to pair up with my opposite so we can help each other. She can help me practice my clinical skills in the labs, and I can tutor her in med math or something. I hope that someone is interested and that I can make it happen.
  6. by   studentNY
    One of the biggest points made at my orientation last week was that "competition is over" The instructors urged all of us to help each other and share our notes even. They went on and on about how there is absolutely no reason or room for competition.
  7. by   Energizer Bunny
    This is the one thing I am not looking forward to getting back into. When I was in A & P (and a couple other classes) three years ago, I tried my best (sat in the back by the way...can't stand to be up front). I never told anyone, besides my one lab partner, my test scores. Nor did I hide my papers. I shouldn't have had to, but the girl across from me (heavy partier and complaining all the time about her grades and how much work we had to do) used to look at my score. Well, fine. Then, she would announce it to someone else and the whole room would know within five minutes. You get the idea here...so the ones that were doing well in the class wanted to compete with me and I was really not about that. I was busy competing with myself. The ones doing terribly treated me like crap for doing well and the ones just on the edge wanted my help. It sucked! I am sooo hoping that it is different once I am actually IN the nursing program and not "just" doing pre-req's.
  8. by   KikiRN06
    I think that the competiveness is just a given with nursing students. Most of the students in my class had to do a year of school before they could even get into the ADN program and this year had to be near perfect grades to earn one of 40 spots with 300+ applicants. Nursing Students have to be high achievers or they would never get into the program around here. Competition can be a very good and motivating thing.
  9. by   cherokeesummer
    I'm with you on that! My take on it is this: we are in the program to pursue our career goals BUT if we do not learn NOW how to share, how to support and how to work as a team then we won't be a very good team of nurses on the floor.

    As a nurse, my professor has told me many times that you depend on your fellow nurses. The doctors aren't the ones to help; the patients aren't going to show sympathy for your situation all the time...you as a nurse must depend on other nurses!

    So, we should start helping each other. A little competitiveness in a fun way probably won't hurt, for example my class mate said to me "I'm mad that i"m number 2 in the class." she wsa joking. I was like who the heck is number 1 and she said "You" referring to me. I had no clue! Because I really don't pay attention to what everyone got. She said the number one spot was hers next semester. And you know what, that is fine with me. Like someone before said, I'm competing only with myself. I need to beat my own scores, improve on myself and if I can help someone along the way great, but I agree with you - I would not give notes to someone who slept because they were bored.

    I would share notes if someone was sick, etc. but not lazy.

    In the end, we have to learn to depend on ourselves and on others so hopefully as things go on you class will be more supportive of each other.
  10. by   Energizer Bunny
    YOu know in the spirit of all this, I decided to start an online group for my class that is starting in the fall. I have met one person in my class and am sending it on to her to spread the word. I thought it might be a place for support, links, assignment reminders, etc. (actually got the idea on here from someone). The point is, maybe this will help my class band together and help each other out instead of being quite so competitive. A little competition is fine, but it can go waaaaay overboard.
  11. by   HyperRNRachel
    I have not read each response and I cannot remember if I have responded already, but I am going to post my two cents (it may not be worth that).
    I think in the beginning the competitiveness was a result of a need to be noticed by the instructors. But I think as the classes become more involved, friendships with classmates start to form, and the realization that it is better to impress the patients or R.N.s on the clinical floor than the instructors, the competitiveness wears off. At least it has in our group. I'm not being sugary sweet ,but our group about 60 or so, have started to pull together. The lines that were drawn, separating the high grade students from the low grade students are starting to disappear. I think we have learned that nursing has more to do with self-learning and group work....the instructors are guides. The real learning comes from our personal experiences. It may just be me, but I think the single most important aspect of nursing is having the ability to understand the diversity of people we will be treating. Therefore, that knowledge is learned with our ability to interact among classmates. In order to do this you have to let down that "I'm not helping anyone, I'm going to get all A's all by myself, I will turn in such good grades my instructors will weep" mentality. Instead, you realize that I want to finish my degree and I want everyone who has started this journey with me to finish as well. And while that one person is still standing like a spoiled brat screaming look at me look at me, the students who are going above and beyond the call of duty are the real shining stars. Those are the students, who in the long run catch the eye and admiration of the instuctors and fellow students. And yes...I use to be one of those students. I had all A's. I am a happier, more relaxed, much more likeable person and the best part is, every time I try to help someone else I expand my own knowledge.
  12. by   emme2004
    Quote from encephala
    have anyone, or does anyone have to deal with the competitiveness, cattyness and unbearable melting pot of personalities of fellow nursing classmates?

    at times my teacher broadcasts the grades of those who scored the highest on exams and quizzes,and i wonder if this adds to the atmosphere of competition and inadequacy. though i get decent grades i know that at times when i've "fallen short" i have questioned my brainpower.

    we have enough stressors this competition thing really disgusts me.:angryfire
    i am glad that i don't have a teacher like that yet. there are a couple of fellow students that i will have nursing classes with that are what i call "one uppers". i really don't think that there is a need for it. as far as i am concerned, we have to support each other.
  13. by   Rn2b204
    Quote from IMustBeCrazy
    In just about every profession I've been around that has been dominated by women, I've seen the cattiness part. Women are more devious I think than men by nature and rather than get in a physical confrontation (which goes against the 'good girl' mentality many are raised with) they'll fight with sly or behind-the-back tactics and mind games.

    Not all women are like this, but a good portion are. I see it for what it is though, and have no problem calling people on it.

    GOD! I totally agree with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!