Who starts nursing school TOMORROW? (28th) - page 2

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  1. by   atrice
    Me Too
  2. by   buddiage
    Started last week!

    Learning how to organize/ read hand outs, and what is a priority and what is a "would-be-helpful."

    I've read 60- 70 pages, highlighted, watched CD's, etc. I am happy to be here!
  3. by   cathiep
    I wish I started tomorrow but I'm enjoying the last week of my break before my last semester starts on 9/5. Oh yeah, only 16 weeks to go!

  4. by   mrscurtwkids4
    I'm starting tomorrow also, but starting my senior year!! YEAH!! Only9 more months to go!!!
  5. by   tx2007
    I start back tommorrow as well!!! Third Semester (out of 4) so almost done!!
  6. by   nrstob08
    school strats tomorrow but only have my first class on tuesday, i am super excited.

    Good luck to you all!!!!!
  7. by   Cammykiss
    I start tomorrow too!!!!! Can't wait. Although, I don't have orientation until Tuesday and Thursday so I don't have any information. My school is not very communicative, so I haven't heard anything yet. I'll be happy once I settle in and get into the groove.

    Good luck everyone!!!!
  8. by   Achoo!
    Right there with you- second semester- EEK!
  9. by   KellieNurse06
    I start back on September 5th... my last & final semester!!! I will be doing advanced med/surg & psych.......can't wait to finally be able to tell people "yes..I finally did graduate"...lol!
  10. by   jessicaj
    Classes start for me- nursing 2...i 'm excited...plus i heard it was a lot easier than nursing 1.. OH Please GOD BE TRUE..