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Hi Everyone I have been having a run of really good luck lately. The first thing that happened was I got offered a nurse externship this summer at a hospital.. I am very excited because I will be... Read More

  1. by   Jen2
    Finally, FINALLY, met a sweet, wonderful guy. (So far he's perfect, haven't found any flaws so far...). Even though we're 3 hours apart, and it'll be a little over 2 years before i can move anywhere, he encourages and supports me, and wants to take every weekend he can to see me.

    That's great news. You deserve it. Believe me, I know how hard it is to find a nice guy who is supportive through nursing school. I am actually dating a nurse now, and he seems to be the only person in my life right now other than my classmates that is supportive and understands what I am going through.
  2. by   Jen2
    This past week I scored a 90% on my last exam in parent/child than 4 days later I pulled off a 99% on her final!! I could'nt believe it, I was/am thrilled.
    That class has been a GIANT pain in the a-- for me since January and I am very glad to say goodbye to it.
    I have my Adult Health II final this afternoon but am not sweating it to much as I am going into it with a 86% overall grade.
    Adios to semester 4!! One more to go.

    Good for you! What an accomplishment. I have two more semesters to go and will be counting down the days come August 31st.
  3. by   TinyNurse
    my job in the ER is an awesome run......
    i will be a nurse for a year in june.,........ wioo hooolo
  4. by   RNSuzq1
    OK, this sounds silly but I consider it a bit of Good Luck!!! My husband gave me a Kayak for Christmas and we took it out to a local lake yesterday to give it a try. They were renting tiny sailboats for a few $ an hour - so he rented one for him and the kids while I was paddling. I wanted a turn on the sailboat with him - he told me to duck my head when he was turning the sail and before I knew it - the sail knocked me overboard in the middle of the lake... There were signs everywhere saying "no swimming allowed" and floating there in the water I was dying laughing thinking I'd get yelled at by someone for "swimming"!!!! :chuckle My husband couldn't pull me back onto the tiny "toy size" sailboat (he said) :angryfire - I had to ditch the huge life vest that was dragging me down and swim the entire length of the lake to get back to shore. My husband was tangled up in the Sail and the 16 year old boys running the place were standing on the dock watching all of this doing nothing to help- "MEN"!!! All I can say is "Thank God" I'm a good swimmer and "saved myself". That was my "Good Luck" for the week. HMM, Where is that Knight in Shining Armor when you need him??
  5. by   mauser
    I am maintaining my 95% in A&P, and just this morning, I FINALLY got an email from my nephew - a Marine - in Fallujah. I hadn't heard from him since all the trouble started there! Woohoo!
  6. by   jemommyRN
    Daughter's healthy
    I'm healthy
    Car's running
    Home's comfortable
    No financial Distress
    Maintain 4.0

    all blessings that come from God on a daily basis.