Where do you want to work when you're done w/ school????

  1. hello everyone! was just wondering where you would like to work after you get your degree? hospital, ltc....dr office.....and why????
    i know i definetly do not want to work in a hospital. i think i would enjoy a ltc. just because for some reason i just love our elders. it would be nice to see the same faces everyday, and actually know who you are taking care of. the only drawback to this is the hours, and i have three small children and my husband works from 3pm-11pm, and we try to make sure that one of us are home with the kids. so.....for this reason, i do think that i will apply at a dr office. just because the hours are so convient, and no weekends. but on the other hand....i want experience, and im not sure, but i could be wrong....you wont get to see half of the stuff you would see in the hospital in a dr office...ya know???? anyway.....post where you wanna work and why. :spin:
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  3. by   collegebound
    Well, not having even started NS yet (accepted though!), I am pretty sure I do want to work in a hospital. For myself, I think a Drs office would be pretty boring after a while. I thrive on challenge, and like a certain about of stress in my life (I seem to function better under a little pressure!). So for now I am thinking OR or ER. But who knows how I'll change after I start clinicals!
  4. by   missninaRN
    I definitely want to work in a hospital. I've already done clinicals in a nursing home and know that LTC is not for me.
    As far as a specialty, at this point I don't know. The other day a nurse told me I would make a good ICU nurse because I'm organized. I'm also interested in psych, OB, and peds.
    I plan on floor nursing for several years and then eventually going back to school so that I can practice as a FNP in a clinical setting or perhaps teach.
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  5. by   slou!
    I am also not in nursing school yet, well technically I am in the school since I am a freshman nursing major who has been accepted to the nursing program, I go to a 4 year university, but I won't do the "nursing school" part like clinicals and everything until my junior and senior years, anyway, I know that I want to work in a hospital, definitely! I have an idea of what specialty. I really want to do either L&D or post partum, something with OB-GYN I think! I know this could ALL change when I do my clinicals, but I have always loved learning about pregnancy and infants. I took a couple classes in high school and I LOVED them. But like I said, I could go through clinicals and maybe want to work somewhere totally different, with like Geriatrics or something! I won't know until I go through all my clinicals, but I think something in OB-GYN is where I want to work, definitely in a hospital setting though!
  6. by   Mamakidee
    Well I haven't started Nursing School yet, but ever since I decided when my kids were older that I was going to go to Nursing school I have wanted to work in L&D!! Of course I also wouldn't mind LTC, Ambulatory care, maybe even the ER! So I am a hospital kind of girl

  7. by   BeccaznRN
    I'm definitely working in a hospital, and to take it a step further, a teaching hospital. I love the atmosphere of a teaching hospital. I have been doing clinical hours in the pediatric OR of a teaching hospital, and I have gotten the chance to see and learn so much! The attendings are great - they LOVE to show their expertise to anyone that is interested. And I feel less like I'm a dumb nursing student because everyone there is learning.

    Eventually, I would like to go to the teaching side of nursing - maybe a clinical nurse educator or in the academic setting.
  8. by   OnTheRoad
    I went into nursing school thinking I want to work in L&D or newborn nursery or NICU. Who knows though. After a scared and nervous start I am really loving LTC and maybe I will like something about each unit I work on. I do OB and med surg next, so I will see if I really do enjoy OB as much as I think I will. I am really open to anything that seems like the right fit for me. I do think I want to work in a hospital floor nursing when I graduate ADN, but I would like to eventually go back to school so when I am older I have other options if I need to slow down.
  9. by   WDWpixieRN
    I'm hoping as we move through different clinical locations, I'll get a better feel for where I'd really like to work, but I'm thinking hospital -- ER, NICU, OR....not real sure yet...don't think I'm cut out for LTC or Peds...I have an IT background, so I suppose if I get desperate.....
  10. by   manofbess
    I haven't begun NS either, but I have an idea.

    If I don't work in the hospital setting, I would love to work as a school nurse and eventually go into nursing education. I miss the interaction with kids (I taught middle school for a short time before I got accepted into NS), and when I resigned from my job, I told the staff that I'll return one day.

    But in order to work as a school nurse, you have to have a year of experience as a RN or you have to have a BSN (I'm going the ASN route for now). Since that means I'll have to work in the hospital setting more than likely, I'd really like to look into the OR or ER. I know I should be looking into Peds, but I don't want to see the kids in that bad of shape. I can deal with adults in pain, but the kids would break my heart.
  11. by   BeccaznRN
    Quote from OnTheRoad
    I am really open to anything that seems like the right fit for me.
    Great attitude! I have to say, all during nursing school and my summer externship, I was interested in just about everything (except for LTC, ER, and Psych)! I think it's a little disappointing that nursing school only lets you experience certain areas of nursing, but I do understand that the time and space is limited. My summer externship was great for the areas that I was interested in but had no opportunity to experience in school (such as NICU, PICU, ICUs, etc.). Seek out any additional opportunities you can for different areas of nursing - there's so much out there that could be a good fit!
  12. by   RNinJune2007
    I definitely want to work in a hospital.

    This is where I've been trained in NS, and quite honestly is the only place I can see myself going.

    I don't know yet what floors I want to work on... I am thinking currently something with Women, children or babies is right up my alley...

    I start interviews in December, so we'll see!
  13. by   BSNtobe2009
    I want to work for Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte, NC.
  14. by   katonialynn
    I currently work as atech on a trauma floor and I love it. I definitely plan to stay in the hospital setting - Just don't know where yet!