Where are all of the May 2007 grads? - page 4

Where are you? I haven't seen any threads on "us". How did your classes this past semester turn out? What classes are you taking next semester for your last? Where is your internship going to be?... Read More

  1. by   CityKat
    I have my first interview back home in SF the end of this month in the ICU. I'm super excited and don't want to jinx myself. Hopefully all goes well Woo hoo..I have about 45 days left before I graduate!!
  2. by   RNinJune2007
    WHERE IS EVERYONE?? When are you done? May is approaching fast.

    As for me, May 4th grad (hopefully), i HAve the 4th unit test tomorrow (with just a final next week and I'm done!), and of course I'm on here @ nearly 2am procrastinating. I JUST startd studying tonight, the content is leadership and mgmt as well as some psych...

    I have a solid average and can get a 63 on the next two tests and still pass, but for some reason it's still making me incredibly nervous! I have senioritis so incredibly bad... it's horrible. I want to finish out the semester strong, but sadly I think the low B or C is what I will have to settle for (at the beginning of the semeste,r after my first two tests I had a solid "A"and thought... WOW! maybe I'll make the dean's list in my LAST semester! what an awesome way to end my career as a NS student.) Psssh! Now I'm actually worrying about passing this

    I know it will be fine, and Iwill probably get to walk across that stage on May 4th but ick. night guys! any prayers greatly appreciated and i will be back to tell anyone interested how i did. Hope everyone else is doing great and ready to graduate!
  3. by   RNinJune2007
    So, I made a 90 on that test thank goodness. I know everyone is excited to graduate. Is everyone busy preparing for finals? I have mine tomorrow and then I am D-O-N-E!!!
  4. by   Aimee03
    I'm graduating with my ADN. My offical graduation date is May 4th, day of pinning. However, our ceremony isn't until the 10th. I can't wait! Two finals and it is all over! I start to work in June. Party Time!
  5. by   bassplayerrob
    Took my exam last Thursday. Got an A for the class. Pinning is May 9 and grad is May 10. Glad that's over. Good luck on NCLEX!!!!!!!
  6. by   cherokeesummer
    I will be graduating in July but classes end June 16th, we just have to wait for the day division (I'm a evening/weekend division student) classes to finish and then we graduate together.

    I'm happy but its bittersweet too LOL I've been there for three years! Yowsa!

    I am definately not ready to start work though - I have an 18 month old son that I do not want to leave with a sitter yet!
  7. by   Clarise
    All I have left is a presentation and final exam. I can get a 55% on the final exam and STILL pass. Pinning ceremony here I come!
  8. by   nursemommyof3
    Right now, I'm in the hole. I am not passing by 13 points. We have a test thursday, and then the final next thursday. If and WHEN I do pass, our pinning is May 17th, and the graduation is May 19th.
  9. by   NurseLatteDNP
    My pinning is May 11th!!! I can't believe I made it this far:biere: . My internship in a pediatric hospital starts in June.
  10. by   decartes
    UMDNJ Newark finished April 22. Too bad pinning isn't until May 21 and graduation is on May 22.

    I have just accepted a 7P -7A Step Down position at MMH yesterday. I'm excited!
  11. by   Medwynn
    Done with practicum as of yesterday. Onto the pinning on the 17th. Feels good to relax until i start working.
  12. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Hessi: Tomorrow

    Final: Next wensday

    Pinning and Graduation: May 18th :mortarboard:

    New grad Job starts: June... :redlight:

    NCLEX: June (I think)

    Summer Vacation starts: after I pass NCLEX :smiletea2: (who the hell
    Jumps into a cup
    of hot tea???)

  13. by   muffie
    gawd, i graduated 20 years ago...

    congratulations young things

    may great jobs fall upon yall