Where are all of the May 2007 grads? - page 2

Where are you? I haven't seen any threads on "us". How did your classes this past semester turn out? What classes are you taking next semester for your last? Where is your internship going to be?... Read More

  1. by   ltvixen
    I'll be (hopefully) graduating May 24 2007 with my BScN!!!! god it felt like it would never happen. this past term flew by, although that being said it drained every last drop of energy and attention i had to get through it! my last term i do the second community health course, mental health, social justice, a sociology as a support science elective, and then for my final placement i get to work in the biggest ed in our province!!!!!!! sooooo excited. and terrified. and happy. and nervous. lol
  2. by   S.N. Visit
    Happy Holidays to us all ! How long are you on break for? We can start counting down the weeks until graduation now~:Melody:
  3. by   YoungWiseWoman
    i am graduating in may !!! yeapee!! i can't wait to get out of prison!! i am never, ever, ever, ever going back to school. this has been an interesting ride, but i am about to hurl ! goodbye school stress
  4. by   Halinja
    Wow, I feel slow....I'll be graduating in June instead of May...you'll all be out before me!

    We run on the quarter system, so I have two quarters to go before I have my BSN, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and DANG does it look good!!!!
  5. by   S.N. Visit
    We are all on the home stretch now! I just completed term 7 out of 8. yesterday umpiron: One more 12 week term to go......May 17th here I come
    May god bless us until the finish line.
  6. by   leesespieces
    i am graduating may 18th, 2007! i am currently taking advanced med/surg, leadership nursing, and ethics in nursing for my last semester. i am loving this last semester because i am finally starting to feel like a real nurse. the doc's talk to me and ask me about my assessments, i am making nursing judgements on my own. i also love rotating to er and icu, i love critical care and hope to land a job in that area soon!!!

    congratulations to all of us who are graduating soon all the hard work is paying off and that light at the end of the tunnel can now be seen!!!!
  7. by   BonnieSc
    Still doesn't seem real that I'm graduating in May... the time is going SO slowly (partly because I haven't been able to start clinicals yet this semester). I don't have classes very often, so I barely even feel like I'm in school. It's weird after constant stress for so long. Guess I should be spending this time on studying for NCLEX, huh?
  8. by   CityKat
    WOW. I still can't believe it. I start my internship the end of this month, just got the "official" call today from a top hospital here in NYC that they want to hire me. Things are beginning to fall into place and now, I'm starting to feel sick to my stomach. I think I have the jitters or something.
    Has anyone felt like this?
  9. by   samaletta
    I am a May 2007 grad!!! WOOOHOO!! I can't believe we are here! I am in my MGT rotation now and I'm scared sh!tless.....
    There is so much more to learn, and I'm excited about it. Being in my MGT rotation made me realize just how competent, smart, efficent, and special nurses are. Our knowledge is so specialized. (I was practicing a presentation in front of my BF and he said .."it sounds good, but i have no idea what you said") I love it. I can't believe that I too will be one of those people in just a few months. Nurses are AWESOME. (and smart
  10. by   lilkimball05
    I am graduating in May of 2007 and I am excited
  11. by   WolfpackRed
    Last Exam 5/3/07

    Grad Date 5/12/07

    UNC-CH c/o 2007
  12. by   Kemccanha
    :hatparty: 6 weeks left! I have senioritis so bad I can't stand it! It's been a long haul but now that I look back on it.....it seems like yesterday that I was starting out! Congrats to the rest of you also that graduate May, 2007! We made it!
  13. by   HippyRN
    Hi! I'm new here and I'm graduating in May, too!! I could not be more ready to be done with school but am a bit scared about starting as a 'new grad RN'. I guess everyone is though. Right now I'm applying like mad for Fellowships in the Atlanta area (which where my husband and I are hoping to move). I've got my first interview next week for a NICU Fellowship - how exciting!!

    I'd love to hear from others - congrats to everyone! Mays is almost here!