When is it cheating...?

  1. There are students in my class (graduate as LPN in July) who have all quiz answers and test reviews from the prior year. While the rest of us study and sweat for our grades, these former c-d students are pulling easy A's. Reviews (focus points) are no longer given. The instructors are "trying to get away from reviews.":stone But they gave them last year-:stone So although I don't feel it is ethical, are they really cheating? As you all know, focus points are the highlights we NEED to learn and 'will see again'- (subjective or not!) (I must know the answer or I would NOT have to ask.) I would like some input if only to keep myself and others from taking advantage of last years 'benefits'. Can any of you relate to the frustration of relentless study, resulting in missing 6-8 questions anyway!!?? (THEN- imagine yourself learning that they were specifically mentioned in a past review!! )
    Sorry for venting- I had to or else my head was going to explode!
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  3. by   nursedawn67
    ARe these actual test answers? Or just a review? I mean did they change the tests around or are they exactly the same as the copies that these students have? If that's the case then i feel they are cheating in a sense, but I also feel it is as much the instructors fault. Where I went to school we didn't get to keep tests, just the little scantron answer sheet, shich just has the letter highlighted, you don't actually know what it answers. I hope that makes sense. Basically it was imppossible to pass any answers on.

    Anyhow thanks for letting me ramble on!
  4. by   NursBoxr
    Just the reviews-Specific to the test, and, YES-the exact quiz answers!!
    Thanks for the reply-and for reminding me of the word 'Integrity'
  5. by   Agnus
    How, from where, was this information obtained? Was this info that was put out last year by the teachers. Were these test that were turned back to the students for thier own use by the teachers?

    At my school you may only review test in the presence of an instructor and you are NOT allowed to keep copies of either the questions and/or answers.

    However, some places teachers may let you keep copies of old test questions and/or answers.
    Or keep your own test papers. If keeping your test was allowed then you technically are not cheating. Unless these students where warnned that they were on thier honnor to keep this info to themselves.

    Try asking this question to your teachers.
  6. by   NurseDixie
    At my school, when our tests are given back for our review, we are not allowed to have anything on our desktop. We have to turn it back in after we look at it. The quizes are given back to keep. One student from last semester gave all her notes to a fellow student and everyone is getting copies of it, she took really good notes. It's almost word for word from the lecture.
  7. by   disher
    Nursboxr, the students are cheating not only because they lack integrity but because the temptation is too great. It is unacceptable that school tests are the same from year to year. Test questions should be randomly selected from a question pool to prevent this type of cheating. Although it is difficult for you to have to study your brains out for all these tests, at least you will be able to think on your feet and your patients will be safer for it.
  8. by   meownsmile
    I am surprised that the instructors dont make sure those tests arent totally different from year to year. In my program we arent even allowed to write down a math problem after the fact for later study. They bit one girls head off for writing down a question after the tests were all passed back to the instructor.

    Rest assured, even though they are pulling A's, my bet is on you when boards come. Memorization is nothing if you cant put all the pieces together in the end. You only have a few of the pieces of the full picture trying to get through the program the way they are. You will benefit in the end!
  9. by   OC_An Khe
    First you probably have lazy instructors, secongly its doubtful that such study(?) habits will let someone pass the state boards.
    Either talk to your instructors or just forget about it.
  10. by   shay
    I personally think it's cheating. Period. If your school has an honor code, speak up and use it.
  11. by   duckie
    Even if they are cheating, they won't be able to cheat when they take their boards. Either they will know the information or they won't. Anyone can memorize answers for a test but boards won't be that simple!!!
    ...weren't considered cheating because they were given by the instructors, then no, it's not cheating; however, if the instructors now aren't doing reviews anymore, then the saved questions & answers should only be considered as an unfair advantage to those whom are without the review materials.
  13. by   NursBoxr
    Thanks for all of your feedback-maybe I just needed to get it off my chest - I don't feel bothered by it much at all now! Thanks for your theraputic, supportive, and insightful responses!! REALLY
    I've always believed life has a way of ultimately balancing 'itself' out. thank you for reminding me