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Let's have a stress break here. If you are like me you have a list a mile long of things you have put on the back burner while in school. When I graduate I am going to..... 1. Clean the damn... Read More

  1. by   P_RN
    AdelaideChic Congratulations. Tell us more about how Australian Registration is done.
  2. by   AdelaideChic
    Ill let you know on Wednesday!!!!
    From what i can see, i just take my transcripts, pay the fee, and thats it. Im sure there is a hidden catch to it though.
    We dont have a NCLEX type thing, we do the university degree and then i guess the Board sees we have successfully studied everything. Ill let you know what happens once ive done it on wednesday (well thurs, i have my usual job on thurs night - i cant tell them i have registered or they have to fire me as i will be over-qualified. Go figure).
  3. by   Sheri257
    Since I graduated this week:

    Go to Las Vegas ...

    Book a luxury suite at the Bellagio overlooking the musical water fountains on the strip ...

    Enjoy my private sauna and steam room ...

    See a couple of shows (Mama Mia, etc.) ...

    Eat and drink like a pig ...

    And chill with hubby for a few days.

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  4. by   peds4now
    My husband and I have both started talking about things that go on "the list". We are living so on the edge financially and I'm so stressed out, so much is going on the list. Let me try to be realistic:

    Study hard and pass NCLEX quickly
    Buy some non-white nursing shoes
    Work my butt off and study as much as I can to become proficient in whatever unit I get a job in
    Go back to 1 book a week pleasure reading
    Braces for my eldest son (will be 11)
    $500/month to savings