What's Your Salary?

  1. I am just curious to what everyone gets paid. I am debating if I should move after nursing school to a different state the get paid more.
    I live in Louisiana and I think the pay rate for a RN is 23/hr.

    Whats Your state??

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  3. by   ChargeNurseAmy74
    Here in Northern California (near Sacramento) you can get between $20 - $26 for LVN. RN's clearly make between $38-$42 an hour. If not more. Depends on specialty and experience. Good luck!!
  4. by   Achoo!
    Here in southeastern WI, LPN ranges from $15-19 an hour and RN from $22-28 to start in the hospitals.
  5. by   PsychNurseWannaBe
    In northeast Wisconsin RNs start at $21-$22 an hour. Subtract $1-$2 and hour for working in a clinical vs hospital.

    The hospital systems in my area all have an agreement to pay similiarly... so there is no bidding war. It is keeping the wages down.
  6. by   paacollins
    Hospitals in Winston-Salem, NC start new grads at a minimum of $20.45 an hour. Differential for nights is approximately $4.00 an hour. Critical care areas pay a little more I believe.
  7. by   Kitty Hawk
    Western Pa ...my particular hosp sys (there are 2 major sys here) starts GN at 19.00/hr I believe RN's are 22.00 or 24.00.
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  8. by   zlatamoya
    My friends (RN new grads) will be making $25/hr on step down units, add $1 for shift differentials here at a hospital in NE Ohio, I think that's actually a little high for this area however.
  9. by   krenee
    I'm in Northern VA, and we were told at one of the hospitals I did a clinical rotation in that they start at $24/hr.

  10. by   MB37
    I moved from Louisiana to Florida, and despite the higher cost of living here, RNs make about $10,000/year less according to salary.com (comparing Tampa and New Orleans). Tampa does start at around $23/hr from what I've heard, but rural Florida pays <$20 for RNs.
  11. by   WanaBaNurse
    In Mississippi they start new grads at 18.50per hour with $2-$4 shift diff. They pay stinks, but the cost of living is much better than other states sooo I think it equals out.
  12. by   allthingsbright
    Missouri/Kansas pre-liscensure (GN) makes around 20.50/hr plus shift diff. That goes up to around 22/hr w/ diff once you pass the NCLEX. (I'll be around 24.50/hr working nights. More if I go weekend option.)

    Best wishes!
  13. by   SoulShine75
    I'm in KY. New grads make between $18-19 base pay in the Western KY area, plus differentials which avereages to about $20-22 an hour.
  14. by   KEL2BanRN
    I'm in central Ohio, about an hour north of Columbus. RN's start at $19.95/hr here. BSN will get you a quarter more. Shift diff is $3. We have one hospital in my town, so you have to drive about half hour to get to others... there are about 3 within a half hour and they all pay about the same.