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paacollins specializes in Chiropractic assistant, CNA in LTC, RN.

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  1. paacollins

    What's a PRN?

    Not necessarily. I worked PRN as a CNA and I sat down with my boss once a month, told her the days I could work and she scheduled me to work as many of those days as her schedule allowed. On call, means they can call you in to work and sometimes you are paid a small amount for the time that you are on call.
  2. paacollins

    Is It Possible An LPN Can Make More Then An RN?

    I agree with both posters. Mentioning the salary of others is usually a HUGE "no no". She's been there 2 years so she most likely got a nice raise. If you like your job and want to keep it I'd keep the knowledge to myself. Is it possible she is working without benefits? That would make her pay higher too.
  3. paacollins

    Need some encouraging words as new grad in LTC

    It depends on the facility as to when meds are late. Some of the facilities I did clinicals in had the 30 minute before and 30 minute after rule and others had a 60 minute before and 60 minute after. I'm a new grad RN who is going into to LTC for two reasons: 1. Hospitals here are bombarded with new grad apps. 2. I like working with the elderly. I do not for one minute think I will be stuck in LTC simply because I started there. I'm so tired of hearing that if you don't start in a hospital it will next to impossible to get a hospital job. I will use my nursing skills in LTC as well. I may not do many trachs, vents, and IV push drugs like I would in a hospital but I will do skin assessments, wound care, finger sticks, vital signs, suctioning, care planning, assessing, teaching, admitting, discharges, psych nursing, nutrition, ADLs, my people skills, etc. I really don't that nurses that start off in LTC will be ignored once they have a year of experience.
  4. paacollins

    Thank you, LPNs

    I am hopefully starting a new job as an RN in LTC next week. It will be my first job as an RN and I will definitely be relying on my seasoned LPNS and CNAS so show me the ropes. I may have RN behind my name but they are the ones that know what's up.
  5. paacollins

    What Pre Req Books have helped while in Nursing school?

    I took a year of medical terminology and my classmates were surprised how I knew what so many words meant. I loaned out my book and my husband's book for them to use. The course really helped me disect words and figure out their meanings. I also used my A and P books a lot.
  6. paacollins

    THANK YOU to experienced nurses, from a new grad

    What a sweet post. I hope things work out for you soon dear. It's hard in all the states I think and, according to a friend in Canada, its not that great there. When most of my friends graduated in 2008, they had their pick of jobs. What a difference a year makes.
  7. If you have an administrator saying "CNAs grow on trees", he/she is setting the stage for disaster. True,there are tons of CNAs out there but a truly hard-working, caring CNA that believes in teamwork is worth his/her weight in gold. A lot of times administrators have business degrees and not healthcare degrees. Many of them have never done any of the "grunt" work and simply make up the governing laws of the corporations. If they had to do what a CNA does, or an LPN or RN for that matter, they might be singing a new tune mighty fast.
  8. paacollins

    License question. Please help !

    Well, that's true. I didn't read it correctly either. I think the OP and I are suffering from "just took NCLEX, passed the dang thing, got new license, still in shock blues." lol I'd call and ask them just in case.
  9. paacollins

    Studying for NCLEX

    I've got the 4th edition of Saunders, which was the newest version in 2008. They might have a newer one out now. Always get the newest edition you can find is my opinion. You can also find used ones at Amazon and half.com If you do buy used, make sure the CD is included because it is invaluable. I feel your pain sister (or brother as the case may be lol) because that NCLEX drove me insane. I had to put off taking the test for months due to finances, personal health issues, a family member's health issues, etc. I finally took it on Dec 3rd and was sure I had failed. It was just awful and I guessed at over half the test. I stressed for 48 hours and even had a new study plan devised. I did the quick results and found out I passed. I now have a spanking new license and hopfully a new job starting next week. Try not to stress (yeah right) cause if you study hard and make sure you know the material you'll do fine as well. Best of luck and if you need any more input feel free to ask.
  10. paacollins

    Studying for NCLEX

    Suzanne stepped down as moderator. I can tell you what I did and I passed on the first try after being out of school for about 18 months. I used Saunders and only Saunders at the advice of an instructor and Suzanne. If you find other books you like better that would be fine but beware of overdoing it. Too many books will likely get you confused, burned out, etc. I did the chapter tests and read the rationales to ALL the questions whether I got them correct or not. I wanted to make sure I understood WHY I got it right in case it was just a lucky guess. I also read over chapters I found particularly difficult. After I finished the book I did tons of questions on the CD. The month before I took the test I lived and breathed that CD. lol I wrote down things like lab values, respiratory and metabolic acididosis and alkalosis, etc. Make you sure you do enough questions per day (100 or 150 perhaps) but not so many that you overdo it. 500 questions a day will do nothing but burn your brain. HTH
  11. paacollins

    New grad got fired, help

    Are your babysitter issues resolved? If they then I would just tell them the truth if they asked. It's human to have issues but if they are resolved it shouldn't be an issue. If, however, you are still having issues with a sitter, you really should get that worked out before applying again or you will likely set yourself up for disaster again. I have children too and it's hard to work it out sometimes. I always have a back up just in case, sometimes 2 backups. lol
  12. paacollins

    Studying for NCLEX

    Suzanne's plan is no longer available and no one is allowed to give out info due to respect for her hard work.
  13. paacollins

    License question. Please help !

    Yes my birthday is March 27. When I saw my license expired so soon I was shocked too but that rule makes sense now.
  14. paacollins

    License question. Please help !

    You'd have a birthday in 2010 and in 2011, so it would be TWO birthdays before it expired. Strange rule huh?
  15. paacollins

    License question. Please help !

    I got my NC license on Jan 5th and the expiration date is 3/31/2011. Apparently we have the same rule at CA. Thanks for posting this question because I was wondering myself.
  16. I didn't read the original post so I have no idea what is going on but I will tell you my experience. I worked in LTC as a CNA prior to beginning nursing school. I worked with a few CNAs who were terrific: they truly cared about their patients, believed in teamwork, and were pleasant. I worked with others who hated their jobs, had no patients or empathy towards them, would rush thru their patients so they could run outside and smoke, and wouldn't help someone else if their life depended on it. I went home from work miserable many, many nights. I am getting ready to begin a job in LTC again, this time as an RN and when I see a CNA being nice to her residents, helping someone out, or just being pleasant, I intend to praise him/her to the highest. Being a CNA is a hard job physically and often mentally. It is low paying as well. But it is also a job where if you don't truly like caring for people, you shouldn't do it. By the way, CNAs aren't the only ones that are cannibalistic. I've seen some mighty nasty LPNS and RNS as well. I've said it a million times that healthcare is the ONE area we truly need teamwork and it seems to the be the area where teamwork is seen the least. Very, very sad and I pray it changes. I also hope that as an RN, I might be able to make a difference, no matter how small.