What's everyone taking next semester? - page 3

Hey everyone, just wondering what everyone else was taking next semester. It'll be my second semester of nursing school, 6th semester of college.. I'm taking Pediatrics and Maternal-Newborn, split... Read More

  1. by   Rosa2Little
    Acute Care Nursing (Med-Surg)
    Mental Health Nursing
    CAM Therapies Nursing (Grad level elective)
  2. by   jemommyRN
    Nursing of the Adult Client I (again)
  3. by   TruDivaRN
    2nd Semester
    Med/Surg :spin:
    Eng 114
  4. by   SmetRN2008
    I just finished my 1st semester of NS which consisted of the fundamentals of nursing and also a dosage calculations class. In Janurary I will be taking adult health nursing and that's all! It shouldn't be too bad with only 1 class.
  5. by   ALT
    Next semester I will be taking:

    NUR 120 (Med Surge)
    American History
    Abnormal Psychology

    I have to take the history and the Psychology just so I will be full time. I have taken everything I need to graduate except for the nursing classes, so I am doing those two online.
  6. by   lisacsu84
    i am in my 4th of 6 sessions i just finished Med/surg and speech i am now taking Peds/OB, advanced pharmacology(pretty much IVs adn blood products) and health assessment
  7. by   marilynmom
    2nd semester:

    Concepts 2 (basically med/surg 2)
  8. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    Nursing Issues
    Leadership & Management
  9. by   LuvatravelRN
    ]2nd Semester of 2nd Degree Accelerated BSN program:
    ]Fundamentals Clinicals
    ]Physical Assessment
    ]Psych Clincals
    ]Psych Lecture
    ]Nursing Inquiry
    ]Good luck to everyone!!!!
  10. by   love2beanurse
    It will be my second semester, first 8 weeks will be psych, then the last 8 weeks will be OB. So I am looking foward to the last 8 weeks! :spin:
  11. by   Sammi15
    Finally.....finals are over!!!

    Next spring 07', it will be my last semester and graduation on May 07, 07. Anyway, I'm taking:

    Population at Risk Mental Health Problem (lecture only)
    Community Nursing plus clinical with Visiting Nurse Service of New York
    Leadership and Managment in Nursing plus clinical at NYU Tisch (6 wks only)

    Good luck everyone! :spin:
  12. by   trjohnson0213
    i just finished my 1st semester yeah & next semester i will be taking nur 102 which consist of 1st 8wks med surg, 4wks ob,& 4wks peds
    i am going to enjoy my holiday & hopefully everyone else will do the same

    happy holidays:holly2:
  13. by   Kemccanha
    My very last semester: I'm taking advanced peds/ob, Community Health, and Leadership!