What to do until Fall starts?

  1. Hi!
    Just wondering what everyone does with their time off between the end of Summer and Fall. I finish up a classes tomorrow (friday) then I have nothing to do until Sept 2!

    I think I'm going to sit by the pool and re-read half of my A&P I notes since I know I have a lab test on the first day. I also think I might buy a book to read, any suggestions? The only think I have planned is a Baccalaueate party over Labor Day here in Vegas! Can't wait! Any maybe a trip back to San Diego.

    What are you doing with that time? :roll
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  3. by   agent
    I have a couple web design jobs I have to finish up.
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    Rest, relax and enjoy your family and don't give school another thought.

  5. by   PennyLane
    My last day of work is tomorrow. (yay!) Then I'm going to Vermont from Sat-Wed. Then I come back and a couple of days later go to upstate NY to visit a friend. Then I have orientation. Then a weekend off, and school starts the following Monday.

    Reading for pleasure is a good idea. I just started the da Vinci code by Dan Brown. Since it's so popular, you may want to put it on reserve at the library. I've also been reading medical thrillers all summer.
  6. by   agent
    I'd love to have the chance to be a full-time student again.
  7. by   iliel
    Originally posted by Mel D

    Reading for pleasure is a good idea. I just started the da Vinci code by Dan Brown.
    I heard this was a good book, what do you think so far?
  8. by   sagelola
    Summer school ends tomorrow for me, too (Friday)...luckily our final is a potluck! Then I have 2 weeks off until Fall semester starts. SOOO...I am going to clean and rearrange my girls' room, and clean my son's room, and clean the rest of the house...maybe organize some closets. Hopefully we will be able to go camping next weekend, and the week before school I will be busy buying books and supplies for me, supplies and clothes for the girls...and we have a Welcome Brunch on Thursday before classes start (to buy uniforms, etc).

    So, that's my plan...I may read a book, too...hopefully I can enjoy a little time before my life is turned upside down and gets really busy again!! And try not to get TOO anxious!
  9. by   marilynmom
    I dont start back to school until Aug 25 and I am just enjoying my time with my kids, at the pool, the park and doing a lot of fun reading.

    Right now I am reading The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks

    After this summer semester I need a break and I am enjoying it but I also look forward to getting back to school in a few weeks since I enjoy it.

  10. by   fnimat1
    I've been studying my A & P 1 notes so that I'm prepared for A & P 2. I may take Psych 102 also. I don't have anything else to take but Micro and my nursing courses. Oh, and I may take Photography....lol. I'm also getting my dd's organized for school, buying supplies, uniforms and shoes, etc.

  11. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i take my last final tomorrow; fall semester starts august 22. i will be school shopping, relaxing, working, sleeping, and getting more sleep, if i can .
  12. by   JudithL_in_NH
    Oy! You don't wanna know!

    I've started a job as an ICU unit secretary; once school starts (9/2) I'll just be on every other weekend, but they want me a bunch of full-time days for training--so that's sucking up a big chunk of my time that I thought I would spend getting my very messy house in order (such a pipe dream--LOL).

    Tomorrow I work half the day, then head north to pick my youngest up from camp.

    I've been reviewing Psych so I can take a CLEP on 8/11

    I have to pre-read 9 chapters in one text and 11 in another before the start of classes.

    A week from Saturday I leave for a five day road trip with my youngest to do roller coasters in PA. The day after we get back I take my oldest for his first day of college orientation in western VT and leave him there! <<<tears>>>, then my girls start back at school (4th & 10th grades) on 8/28--so all the nuttiness about clothes and shoes and supplies to handle.

    It seems like every moment of my life between now and Sept 2 is spoken for!
  13. by   PennyLane
    Marilyn--I enjoyed that book.

    iliel - I've only read a couple of chapters but it is already hard to put down. It grabs you from the beginning. I'm still not exactly sure what the 'code' is, but I'm starting to get hints.

    I'm trying to save the book and not read it too fast. I'm sure I'm going to spend a lot of time reading it at the airport this weekend and next week. (If I'm not too zonked out on Ativan. I hate flying).
  14. by   PJMommy
    I take my last final next Friday, have a week off, and then start fall semester. Hubby, the girls and I are headed to Minneapolis (the boys will stay with gramma)....literally as soon as I walk out of my final. I'm going to shop and sleep and eat!! Every girl's dream.

    After that, I plan to paint the dining room -- I bought the paint in January so do you suppose it has aged enough?! Then, clean, clean, clean!!