What text book do you use for A&PI, College Chemistry?

  1. I am going to take pre-requisites A&P I, CHM101 College Chemisty I next semester in a community college. A little bit worried about taking two science classes at the same time, plus a full-time job.

    I want to first study by myself and make myself familiar with the terms, class contents in the Summer, to offload the study in Fall semester. But I don't know what text books should I buy since I don't know what the instructors will use at this time. I am going to buy used ones to save money.

    Currently I have Human Anatomy and Physiology (4th edition, 1987, John Hole). Is this a good one to look at? I have no clue at Chemisty book at all.

    Can anyone tell me what textbooks you use in you A&P I and Chemistry class?

    I appreciate it....
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  3. by   spunkygirl
    I don't remember the textbooks I used. But the instructors change them so often it's hard to keep up w/ and it varies from school to school.

    IMHO I would get the book chemistry for dummies and anatomy and physiology made incredibly easy. The reason for this is that it would give me a chance to get familiar w/ the up coming subject and explain it to me in a simplier terms and then once going to the course I would be softened up to the more complexities of the subject.

    And of course once in the course if something comes up that I just can't grasp I would refer back to those two study aids and it would help explain it in laymans terms.

    Plus reading those dry textbooks get so boring at least these study aids will keep you somewhat interested enough to keep reading it.

    At least that's my analogy.
  4. by   angelac1978
    we used the anatomy and physiology text by Marieb. It was pretty straight forward and I thought it was an easy read. I believe that she is/was a nurse. We used the same book for A&P2 as well.

  5. by   SCmomof3
    ISBN 0-323-01628-6
    New $124.25 Used $93.25

    I haven't taken it yet but that is the info I got from the booklist on my school's website. Check your school's site - they may have a list HTH
  6. by   mitchsmom
    The two A&P books that I hear being used the most often are the ones by Marieb, and the Tortora & Grabowski one. Usually people seem pleased with them.
  7. by   Pab_Meister
    Hi RHP123,

    We use the Marieb text and lab manual as well. If $$$ is an issue for you, I would recommend you not buy the text book. You can probably get the lab manual used at your bookstore if you're an early bird. I bought the set, and almost never opened the text. For the 10 or so times I opened the text, any A&P text would have sufficed. You can always use the "Reserve" copy of the text at the library if you need to. If I had known, I wouldn't have wasted my dough. Yes, I was a high "A" at the end of both A&P I & 2. I'm not a genius, nor am I bragging - I'm just saying....

    Good luck with your A&P!!!
  8. by   rhp123
    Dear all:

    Seems that Marieb is the most commonly used. I am going to get one...

    Spunkygilr, I will try to look for a Dummy book. Good Suggestion...

    Thanks for all...
  9. by   rhp123
    Quote from Alexander
    Hi RHP123,

    Yes, I was a high "A" at the end of both A&P I & 2. I'm not a genius, nor am I bragging - I'm just saying....
    Wow! Excellent grades... Keep going!!!
  10. by   NurseDiva04
    The A&P text is very expensive and is switched every couple of semesters. However, let me suggest buying an A&P coloring book. I used one in A&PI and it was very helpful. As a matter of fact, the instructor used a lot of it in the lab quizzes. I am at work right now, therefore, I don't have the name or author of the coloring book but it was very helpful.
  11. by   RedSox33RN
    Marieb one here also (6th edition), plus the study guides and photos that were optional. I've found them to be just as useful as the text.
  12. by   manna
    We used Marieb as well - really great book, IMO.
    For Chemistry, I think our book was Chemistry: The Central Science (Fay)? I'd have to go look it up to be sure. Decent book, but could've been better. I also bought a copy of Chem Cliffs Notes review that seemed to help a bit. (I took that class online)

    Good luck!
  13. by   jemommyRN
    We used "Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology" by Fred Martini. It's pretty self explainatory and straightforward.
  14. by   Pab_Meister
    Quote from rhp123
    Wow! Excellent grades... Keep going!!!
    Thanks ...!!! :imbar :imbar :imbar