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What was the hardest nursing class (excluding the pre-requisites) and what was your grade. Did you have to repeat a nursing class if so what is it?... Read More

  1. by   unknown99
    pharmacology was just down-right MEAN!!!!!!!
  2. by   suzy253
    So far.....pharmacology has been the most difficult course for me.
    I still dislike the associated sciences though--Anatomy, Physiology and now struggling again thru Microbiology
    All I have to do is pass Micro and that will be it for me--except for the nursing courses of course which I have no problem with.
  3. by   chronicTX
    It's med-surg dear. I just don't have enough of what I learned in college. I'm already preparing for nclex and still, MS Nursing is on top of my priorities. I think it has the most extensive scope. Contrary to those who said pharmacology is the hardest one, I would like to share with you that I felt the same way.But hear this one: Recently, I have developed an study aid for pharma alone. Categorized drugs according to classification, their most common side effects and adverse reactions, and the appropriate nursing care. Take note of the specific reactions unique with each drug, then it would be easy to study them. Also you have to memorize the sympathetic and the parasympathetic responses. It will help you determine if a certain group of drugs has its effects and you'll know right away what drugs are used to counteract its action. It may sound difficult but there's no harm if you try. It worked for me, hope it works for you too. Goodluck in your studies!!!
  4. by   studentnurse74
    Quote from blue eyes
    Science in nursing has been the most difficult this semester. Mainly due to chem and physics component of the course, remembering the content of the subject. Learning how to balance chemical equations, remembering w/w, w/v, v/v and molarity concentration formulas, chemical reactions, weight, pressure and fluid flow. Body org. and cardio topics have been fairly straightforward, except ECG and the concept of fibrin/fibrinogen.
    Okay, now you're scaring me. Especially since I don't even have chemistry as a required course, and don't know a thing about it.
  5. by   PCGrad06
    i am going into my first semester in the fall and i am a little about something. i see pharmacology i and ii. when i look over my classes there is only one and it is this fall! does this mean i will have in one class what you guys are taking in two or am i just lucky (if that is even possible with a pharmacology class)?

    i am glad this thread was started!
  6. by   memphisgurl
    med-surg all the way! It's harddddddddddddddd
  7. by   Jen2
    I am in an ADN program and it is so much different. We don't have pharmacology, it is incorperated into the program. If you fail, you fail. What I mean is that second semester we have OB, Peds, O.R., and Community health. You might take the test and get every single OB question correct, but miss enough of the Peds questions to fail the test. Therefore technically you pass the OB part, but fail the Pebs part, however that does not matter because you fail the test regardless. We may be being lectured on pediatrics, but some of us are in the middle of our OB rotaion, some in OR, and some in Community, so it makes it very hard to be bombarded with all of this in one semester. Especially since in the first semester we are just learning basic skills. We don't even know how to assess an adult yet and then wham, second semester we have to do it on children. Also if you fail one of the semesters you have to wait 1 whole year to start back in the program again. Semester one: piece of cake made to weed out the people who should not be there with the instructors boot camp mentality. Semester two: Very difficult, way too many rotations in 16 weeks. Weeds out the people who slipped by in the first semester. Third semester: Haven't been there yet but it's all med/surg, others that just graduated say it's the easiest. Fourth and final semester: I hear is very difficult, because it's med/surg and Psych. Those that just graduated say that if I thought the second semester was hard, I will be surprised. Guess I'll just have to wait and find out.
  8. by   PennyLane
    Quote from Vsummer1
    With the 960 hours of clinical associated with the above class, I am in school 32 hours per week. I am okay, but 1/3rd of the class is failing and this is the last semester. NOT easy!
    Wow, 960 clinical hours! We have clinical 30 hours/week plus lecture 8 hours/week for 8 weeks. I thought 240 hours was bad enough!!
  9. by   IamRN
    Quote from Kristy_joyz
    What was the hardest nursing class (excluding the pre-requisites) and what was your grade. Did you have to repeat a nursing class if so what is it?
    Critical Care...it is offered in the last two semesters. I had a B and I didn't require retaking. It would have been better, but the instructor made things even more stressful. Such is life!
  10. by   jjnurse2
    Quote from Kristy_joyz
    What was the hardest nursing class (excluding the pre-requisites) and what was your grade. Did you have to repeat a nursing class if so what is it?
    I am starting my final semester in nursing and so far Pharm was difficult and did require memorization and lots of study time BUT it is ALL important info you will need when in clinical and for the rest of your career. But in my opinion Pathophysiology is the hardest. It is a lot of content in a short time span and you really have to know your **** and you can't memorize it because you instructors will ask you questions in clinical about things you never thought of. So be well prepared. Patho is very interesting though and if you did well in Anatomy and Physiology you should do well.
  11. by   ham22
    A & P was the hardest for me. I never had an any type of Anatomy class in my life so it was all foreign to me. I had to retake A&P 1 and actually did very well the second time around. Kind of a long story why I had to retake it so to make a long story short- I was 5 months PG and refused to dissect a dead cat due to the Formaldehyde(sp?) that the cats had been soaked in. My instructor got mad and failed me by 2 points. So, it ended up taking me an extra year to graduate since I had to wait to retake the class. Graduated 2002 instead of 2001. That's ok though because I ended up having a healthy baby and made some great frienships in my 2002 class! Good Luck
  12. by   LisaG21
    I felt that nursing research was the hardest class for me. I hated it and dread going to that 4 hour class every week. I ended up passing with an A (Honest to god I think they gave me the wrong grade) so I don't have to retake it but a lot of people in my class also had trouble with it too!
  13. by   totallytheresa
    I though Microbiology was hard- a lot of memorization! As far as chemistry, just plow your way through.. it'll be over before you know it!