What kind of Student Are you?

  1. What kind of High School Student were you all? Did you get straight A's? A's and B's? Did you coast with C's? And how has that changed since you are in College? Did you maintain the same grades, go up or down? I scored good marks in English and Science, but math just kills me.. it's amazing how if you miss one thing in math it can screw you over majorly two years down the road trying to learn something else.. I believe English is just one of them things you either got or don't.. As for Science the main reasons I've passed Science is because I like it and do all my homework no matter what, study hard as heck for tests, and take good notes even though sometimes things just confuse me as bad at math. Especially dealing with chemistry and physics!! Yikes :uhoh21:

    Any of you all have any tips or suggestions?

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  3. by   grinnurse
    Unfortunately in HS I was a slacker who barely showed up for class my senior year--to busy with boys and partying. Out of approximately 500 students I graduated about at #499 !! That changed though with college partly b/c I have aged and have a family and treat school as my job (Until May 13th ) anyway. I have maintained a 3.5 GPA for 4 years now............I would've never though I could do this
  4. by   z's playa
    High school? Never went. Was registered but .......never went. Eventually I dropped out.

    But I do know Math is the bane of my existance. I'm doing ok right now but next year I'll worry about getting on the Dean's list. I just want to get through first year in one piece.
  5. by   ShawnetteRN05
    I did great in HS, I was an A/B student and was involved in everything...my problem was that when I got into college it was like a whole different plane!! I realized that although I breezed through HS, I initially struggled my first year of college...I relaized that I had NO EFFICIENT STUDY SKILLS! Imagine that.
    After I learned to study properly and efficiently, the material came easily to me! Which I was happy b/c our Patho class cut our origional May 2005 graduation class from 75 students to 39 at the present.
  6. by   Tweety
    For a lot of people high school isn't a good predictor of how you'll do in college. Some people's priorities change and they put more effort into college, especially those who go as adults many years later.

    I was primarily an A student in high school. I made some B's in PE and Englishes here and there. Going to college fresh out of high school I did dreadful because I wasn't into it and quit after one year.

    When I got serious about college again, I started completely over, applying as an entering freshmen going part time, as a working adult and made mostly A's, having been going part time off and on for the the last 25 years. I'm back in now, working on my BSN, and making A's (but just started).
  7. by   sofaraway04
    At high school i was reasonably average, i got B/c mostly. I didn't work hard, didn't always turn up and did as little as possible. On coming to college, i am still b/c gardes student, but i have to work my hardest and put 100 times more effort in to pass.
  8. by   mariedoreen
    I was a semi-intelligent slacker... I skipped a lot, never once studied for anything and tended to throw together BS papers on the day they were due while attending other classes.. I ended up finishing with a 3.00 I hated high school so much that I didn't want to go anywhere near a college and I had parents offering to pay 100%. I was lucky enough to fall into a great job at the age of 18 but when my husband and I moved 10 years later I was back at the bottom of the heap again. No college education = no marketable skills. How's minimum wage sound?? That was the year I headed back to college (at my own expense!) and like somone else said here I treated it like it was my job so I did much better than high school. No missed classes, no papers done haphazardly, all exams studied for well in advance etc..

    Now looking at the OPs message I'm trying to figure something out. Are you wondering how you're going to do in college based on how you did in high school and are you specifically worried about the math classes? If I got that right:

    I flunked algebra my freshman year, got tutored and passed it my sophomore year, took algebra II and did okay and then tried geometry but perceived it as too hard and dropped out. So I figured math was going to be the bane of my existance in college as well. I was surprised to find that that was not so (amazing how well you can do when you actually pay attention in class and do your homework faithfully and seek help when you don't understand something... which I didn't do in high school!) now I say I love math. For my degree I needed up through college algebra but I went on and took college trig just for the personal accomplishment of saying to myself "See I can handle this!"
  9. by   Tony35NYC
    I am allegedly an honors student who used to get all A's until after I started nursing school. I picked up a number of Bs and two Cs. along the way, but thats cuz I simply don't have time to put as much effort into college as I could if I weren't married with children and also working as many hours as I do. (I don't know how some of you do it!) I'm pretty much a B student now.
  10. by   traumaRUs
    Well, I too was a slacker in high school. However, I did get mostly B's because I could throw together papers quickly. In nursing school (LPN/ADN) I had a 3.25 GPA. In the BSN program, I had a 3.62 and now in the MSN, I have a 3.8. Maybe, if I go for my PhD - I'll have a 4.0 - NOT!