What is your favorite way to study?

  1. I'm about to start my first semester of clinicals and was wondering how nursing students study. I'm a note card person. I make tons, read them quietly, outloud, backwards, forwards, and over and over again. That's what has always worked for me. I also like to write things out and draw.

    What about y'all? Any specific differences between regular studying and nursing studying?
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  3. by   Feistn
    I do note cards too (online so I can use the app on my phone), but I've discovered that listening to lectures is EXTREMELY helpful to me. Even when I don't think I'm listening or retaining much, it helps me. The best score I had this semester was when I was doing this. Drawing pictures, even if they're dumb, also helps me.
  4. by   Mina E.
    During prereqs, I did the note cards thing and memorized everything. But during the nursing program, I couldnt. I found myself having a hard time. So now I listen to lectures and take plenty of notes. I do all of my reading atleast once and sometimes twice. I take notes and highlight as I read. That has really helped me with getting through the 1st semester.
  5. by   jamie876
    Actually we somewhat have similar study habits, I also love to write notes, but I read aloud, because I can retain the concepts better if I can hear it. I am actually trying to explain the concept to myself ( it’s like I am doing a lecture to myself). I love to study alone, I don’t want to be surrounded by any kind of sounds.
  6. by   jnurse21
    I study same way-by writing note cards, reading and taking detailed notes. I also have an app on my phone that allows me to view my note cards anytime. So whenever I have down time I glance at them.
    I take detailed notes in class, I rewrite my notes for reviewing. Also reading, reading and re-reading the chapters.
  7. by   Katniss0813
    My first semester of nursing school I tried all kinds of ways of studying and asking people in my class how they studied and wondering if the way I was studying was good enough, I did this to the point of making myself so stressed out that I couldn't eat. What I found is you should study whichever way works best for you. My school gives out readings for each module and some people read the book. I study with the powerpoints that the instructors use to lecture and I use nclex study books for additional information. I try to understand the material instead of just memorizing because on the test they use situation type questions. For example, when taking care of a patient with congestive heart failure you have to understand the condition or disease and how you as the nurse would take care of this patient, if know how to take care of this patient then you should be able to answer any question concerning congestive heart failure. Just remember when studying to understand how you as the nurse would take care of the patient.
  8. by   springchick1
    I read the chapter and highlight. When I reread the chapter, I take notes on what I read. Writing and rewriting really helps me. I did note cards in all my prereqs and that worked for those classes but I have found it doesn't work for me with nursing classes. They aren't memorization like Anatomy was.
  9. by   Racer15
    I'm a last minute cram kind of gal. I read over all of my notes, read them out loud, pretend I'm teaching, and then I do practice questions. I occasionally utilized a study group a day or so before the exam as well.
  10. by   OKNurse2be
    Memorization is great for pre-reqs, but in nursing school you have to be able to apply knowledge into practical application. Some memorizing is good, for things like normal lab value ranges etc.. but more importantly you have to understand what for instance hypokalemia (low potassium) does to the patient so that you can choose the right action and also know WHY you are doing it (rationale).

    Personally, I like to at the very least skim the text and I pay particular attention to anything it says for the nurse to do and I also read ALL the boxes in the text. I also record the lectures, and I listen to them usually when doing something I enjoy.. like playing World of Warcraft. It works for me that way, otherwise I would fall asleep. Study groups are great too, as long as everyone is focused. I also have review and question books such as Fundementals Success which has questions like the ones that will be asked on the exams.
    Also, utilize your resources.. if you don't understand something.. ask!! I know a time or two I wondered about something I didn't quite get in class and I went to the professor afterwards, and she explained it again and without the constraint of the classroom and having a lecture to finish, she was able to explain it so that I understood it.
    Hope that helps!!
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  11. by   jamieekins
    I have not started nursing school yet (I do in January)...but I have found in prerequisites that recording and listening to lectures have been a lifesaver for me. When I went back to college and was taking A&P 1 I got a 65 on my first exam and FREAKED out. I almost quit nursing all together feeling inferior, then I was told by a fellow classmate that she recorded the lectures and listened back to them to study and I should try it. I decided to give it a try and I made A's on the rest of my exams. I realized at that point that I am a auditory learner all the way- thankfully I am allowed to record lectures in the nursing school I am going to

    I think everyone has a specific learning style...once you figure it out your life gets a lot easier. I know reading NEVER helped me- I cannot read something and regurgitate or apply it.. I have to hear it. So if that means I have to read the chapter out loud and record myself and then listen back to it- that is what I do.
  12. by   Nscorpiored
    Before I study I always sit down and read the chapter along with the important points put on the slides.Then I go back and make notes to enhance my knowledge and pinpoint the important points again. I continue to read and re-read until I get it to stick in my memory. I made note cards more so for the Pharm classes. I also am someone who sits down and makes study guides verbatim out of the book if the professor gives us points to focus on
  13. by   Stephalump
    I read through the material with my hi-lighters handy. I highlight definitions, nursing intervention, drugs, and signs of symptoms of diseases in different colors to make them easy to go back and find.

    Then I go to lecture and just listen. I write down things my profs say that I don't remember from reading or that they say we need to mow, but for the most part I just listen.

    Sometimes after that I go home and write out the things I hi-lighted and notes from class, but most of the time I don't. A few days before the test I usually just start meeting with my study group and we make concept maps and use nclex questions and reteach each other the material. The majority of my studying is done the Thurs-Sun before our Monday tests.
  14. by   RN9742
    I try my darnedest to get through the reading prior to lecture, then I highlight and take notes in my book during lecture. I go back over the material prior to exams. I also utilize the aids we. Have available to us, like online case studies, and practice quizzes.