What is your stress relief during nursing school?

  1. Nursing school is tough. I have had my share of breakdowns, tears, frustration, happines... the whole rollercoaster ride of emotions. But when it comes down to it, how do you relieve all that stress of nursing school.

    If your up to it, please share your hints with us all.

    My stress reliefs:
    1. a month calendar with everything charted on it from assignments, projects to exams, even holiday and breaks =D
    2. yoga/exercise
    3. hanging out with classmates, friends, family after exams
    4. my puppy
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  3. by   NICUplease
    1. exercise

    2. eat - #1 and #2 kinda cancels themselves out

    3. watch HGTV, ER, and Greys Anatomy reruns with a BIG BUCKET OF ICE CREAM... oh yea!

    4. Out with friends for drinks

    5. Your #1 is so true... so I'll put that down too!
  4. by   LMRN10
    1. Spending quality time with my daughter instead of being cooped up in the house all the time because mommy has to study.

    2. Spending quality time with my husband (even though I don't have time between work, school and baby, it is important for us to get time together).

    3. Watching my favorite TV shows (Grey's Anatomy, Extreme Home Makeover, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Ghost Hunters)

    4. Exercise (when I can - again, not much time with my schedule)

    5. Eat (although I'm trying a new approach this next semester...healthy foods instead of the junk out of the vending machine!

    6. Maintaining my schedule - I work full day through the day and have school at night, and I have a HUGE calendar at home that I write all of my classes on and anything else that may come up to keep my hubby in the loop...and to help me remember!

    7. Just sitting outside in the peace and quite...away from electronic devices!

    8. Listening to Enya!!! LOVE ENYA!
  5. by   locolorenzo22
    #1...relax with friends.
    #2...reading at barnes and noble...
    5....Chill out with friends..again!
  6. by   ErinJane
    1. Reading something without any medical terms.
    2. Sleep
    3. A giant cup of coffee and the newspaper.
    4. Going for a walk.
    5. Watching Grey's, House, or any documentary on the history channel.
    6. Cleaning/Organizing.
  7. by   PianoGirl20
    1.) NAPS-20 min. "power naps" when there's not much time, naps for the entire afternoon (if I want :-)) on weekends

    2.) Hot tea and hot showers-especially showers with awesome but reasonably cheap Bath and Body Stuff

    3.) Like others have said, the most decadent form of junk food I can find (ideally followed by a big workout!!)

    4.) Reading fun magazines and books (if you have a decent library near you, you can check out the "fun" magazines that are just a little bit old and save $$)

    5.) Long walks to new or favorite parts of the city where my nursing school is (no, nowhere dangerous or at night)

    6.) Occasionally, having long, melodramatic, no-holds barred bawling session if the need arises (I swear, if you're starting to feel stressed in clincals or wherever, tell yourself, "This weekend/tonight/etc., I will have the biggest cry ever-I'll just stuff it for now")

    7.) Playing the piano (sometimes VERY LOUDLY-hehe)

    8.) And last, but FAR from least, hanging out and doing whatever fun things there are to do with my amazing nursing school buddies :-)
  8. by   Bortaz, RN
    Alexandra, grandbaby #1
    Cassandra, grandbaby #2
  9. by   rnmomtobe2010
    I think I should try some of these...Maybe they would help before I begin...
  10. by   gillytook
    1) Nature of any sort but in my canoe if I can find someone to join me
    2) Dancing at the local club
    3) Conversation that doesn't revolve around medicine
    4) Mindless TV
  11. by   *LadyJane*
    1. Treadmill use
    2. Hot tub use
    3. Telephone use
    4. Meditation

  12. by   FriendlyGhostRN
    1. LAUGHTER! Even while I'm in class, laughing really relieves the stress I have in the moment. I love to laugh! (Great ab workout too!! )
    2. Finding time to sit down, watch a favorite TV show, read a book (not r/t nursing)
    3. Spending time with my wonderful boyfriend who is always there for me!! <3
  13. by   ErinJane
    FriendlyGhost87- "read a book (not r/t nursing)"

    I love the r/t. I do that all the time. My family teases me about it all the time.
  14. by   Chixie
    1.long bubble bath
    2.Good music
    3.Scrapbooking (i love my scrapbooks)
    5.Having an 'early' night