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  1. NICUplease

    OSU-OKC Points

    To have a good chance, its 76, but to reeeallllllllly competitve, an 80 is enough. Dont forget, they take alternatives and 1+1 students too.
  2. NICUplease

    Oklahoma City University

    From what the advisor told me, she said everyone who meets the requirements are in. There is no waiting list and it is not first come first serve. If there are many students, they will simply "make room" for them. OCU is no 1 on my list for RN-BSN. Its a little more expensive but I'll pay I think its worth the certainty. Its a good idea to get your eval early.
  3. Hey everyone, I am a 1st semester nursing student. My dream is to work in the NICU. I already volunteer in the NICU cuddler program and I love it. I went out on a limb and applied a little early for a Nurse Partner position in the NICU that requires the student to be in 2nd semester of NS... but when I called the NICU director to ask if we can meet, she suprisingly said to come in on Monday. I dont know if she was so busy she failed to realize that I'm only in my 1st semester... but nonetheless, I am so excited about the interview. Anyone have some tips for a good interview especially since the odds are against me, me only being in my 1st semester. I need to convince this woman I am passionate about the NICU and I would take this experience to be a great NICU nurseone day! I hope my volunteer work will give me a boost! I dont have my hopes up too high, but I figured the worst she can say is "Sorry, try again next semester." Anything helps!
  4. NICUplease

    OKCU Tuition/ Expenses

    I know that for the RN-BSN track the tuition is about $17,000. This school is going to be a little more expensive than OU but I hear good things about it. My family just moved to OK from CA in June and we were able to find a nice 2 bdrm apt in Moore for $750... but it's one of the nicer apts. When we were looking around, we saw apts anywhere from $500+. I think Moore is about 20 min away from OCU so you may want to find something closer... if I recall OCU is off of I-35... Please correct me if I am wrong folks.
  5. NICUplease

    Whats a Neonatal NP day like?

    Thanks Steve, You've been helpful before with some of my questions about a career as a NNP. I think NNP is the route I want to take. It seems like a lot of responsibility but also very rewarding. Bedside pt care is also very important for me to have so I'm glad to hear that you still do plenty of that. I'll be sure to do more research. Thanks again!
  6. NICUplease

    Knees hurt after a day of clinical!

    I'm in my first semester of ns and everything is going just fine. Theory is awesome, and clinicals have been a fun learning experience. However, when I get home from clinicals my knees are killing me. I know it has to do with standing up all day long but I'm a young woman (22 yo) and I feel like an old lady with joint problems! I'm not the most active person but I've done activities before that required me to walk all day long (like shopping!) and my knees have never had a problem. Anyone else feeling like an old hag?
  7. NICUplease

    6th Week of Nursing School! Help! Failing test!!!

    I am in my 9th week of LPN school and have found the things below very helpful. I have a 2 yo so I have to manage my time wisely! I study almost every night depending on whats going on... maybe 2 hrs. Then another 2-3 hrs on Sat and Sun with or without a study group. 1. Flashcards 2. Study group (no more than 4 - more than that can get rowdy and off track) 3. Highlighting as you read and then go back and write your notes (on paper or comp) - rewriting your notes can help the material stick 4. Practice the NCLEX or ch review questions at the end of the book... it really helps. If your prof is anything like mines, she likes to take questions from the book. Your textbook should have a CD rom with practice questions. 5. Do NOT cram the last minute... this makes it worst and can cause you to panic and doubt the info you already know. I usually give myself a break the day of the test or at least the last couple hrs before the test. 6. If you're down to two questions, go with your 1st gut instinct... DO NOT CHANGE YOUR ANSWER unless you are 110% sure! 7. Take your time with each question. Read the question slowly and know exactly what is being asked before you try to answer. NCLEX questions are tricky. I have scored >95% on all my tests so far... but I 'd have to say that at least 80% of the questions I got wrong was because I didnt read the question thoroughly and thought it was asking something else. Hope this helps!
  8. Hey everyone, I cant believe I am half way through the 1st semester of LPN school. I hate to admit it, but it really did go by sooooo fast. Never worked harder in my life. Been doing great... I am at an A average and things are really sticking - been getting >95% on all the tests. Clinicals have been an awesome learning experience and FUN! But, I am concerned about whats ahead of me. I've been doing really well... but it is JUST the fundamental stuff. The real nursing stuff is coming... in full force. I wonder if I will do well in the rest of the program. Has anyone done well in fundamentals and SUCKED on everything after that. I dont know, I plan to transfer out to get my BSN then MSN so I really need the grades. Just hope this isn't a phase...
  9. NICUplease

    Whats a Neonatal NP day like?

    Hello everyone, I hope to go for my MSN soon and work as a Neonatal NP. Just wondering what a NNP day would be like. Is there much bedside care? I'd hate to lose that one on one patient care. Anything helps. Thanks:D
  10. NICUplease

    Volunteer Cuddling

    I am a nursing student that that will start volunteering in a NICU Cuddler Program at OU next month. I am soooo excited!!! The process for applicants are pretty lengthy with background checks, drug screenings, etc. New volunteers have to have an orientation/training session before they start. From what I understand, the volunteers can ONLY hold the babies. If they are in incubators and cannot be held we can put our hands through and provide some human touch. Vol can ONLY feed babies ready to be dc. I'm not sure exactly how many vol OU has but there were lmtd amt of spots available. Vol can volunteer anytime during the day. Most either do mornings or evenings. No one really volunteers at night but thats bc of choice not limitations. My schedule is every Sat from 4pm-10ish or longer if I choose to. I'll give you more info once I start. Hope this helps.
  11. NICUplease

    need help with math problem

    Daytonight, can I just say that "YOU'RE AWESOME"! I've been on this site for about 6 months now and I've passed through many of your posts and replies to others. You seem to have so much knowledge and inspire me to be just that knowledgable and educated in nursing!
  12. NICUplease

    Need a good explaination of "Ethical Delimma"

    heres a quick one: a father who works at a hospital as a janitor stole an experimental drug from the pharmacy for his daughter who is severely ill. He can not afford health care or medication. Should the hospital fire him and take legal action or should they "let it go" out of pity? "An ethical dilemma (choice between to undesirable alternatives) occurs when individual values and laws conflict." (Timby p44) HOPE THIS HELPS!
  13. NICUplease

    Hospital Tuition Assistance Program?

    I know Mercy has a good scholarship program for students in the RN program. I think its like $2000 a semester... BUT you are expected to commit to at least a year of employment - just depends how much you borrow. OU has something for current employees, but they do offer sign on bonuses when you work there as an RN which you can then apply to student loans or whatever else. I'm sure there are more. Hope this helps.
  14. NICUplease

    Grading Scale

    Oh and by the way, your grades will definately help you score the job you want as a new nurse. Also, when you apply as a student nurse/tech, lots of places hire students w/ the highest grades first! So think about that. But, why would you settle for a C anyways? If you ask me, I wouldnt want a nurse to take care of my family who barely knows what they are doing.
  15. NICUplease

    Grading Scale

    My school requires at least an 80% for the course in order to move on. A = 94 - 100 B = 87 - 93 C = 80 - 86 D = 75 - 79 F = 0 - 74 The way I see it, I want a nure caring for my son who is competent... not one who just barely got by!