What has been your Favorite Class?

  1. Im just curious. What has been your favorite class while in school? What class are you looking forward to most?

    Mine would have to be Sign Language, I loved my ASL Class.

    The class I am looking most forward to is my Critical Care Clinical, and My Staff Mngt class.

    Anything unusual?

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  3. by   essarge
    Hi Brandy!

    I have to say that my favorite class was speech. It was allot of fun and I learned allot about different cultures as a side benefit.

    I could say A&P, but that would be a lie. Although the Doc was my favorite instructor, it was my least favorite class!! LOL!

    I am really looking forward to fall semester. In fact I am really bored on break, because I was in the habit of studying every night!! Now I'm hooked on the Discovery Health channel and watch surgeries performed. It's pretty cool.

    Guess I can't get away from it, even during break!!
  4. by   CarolineRn
    This is a fun topic, Brandy!

    I think my favorite class was microbiology. Not so much the lecture portion, but most definately the labs! I can easily see myself tucked away in some laboratory someplace, with nothing but my scope and some microbes.

    Another of my favorite classes was parasitology. Once again, labs and microscopes. However, we had to prepare fecal specimens, and that was NOT very fun. (I have no idea where the specimens came from either) The fact that there were evidence of parasites in the specimens made me not want to ask!!

    See ya!

    PS, The discovery health channel is awesome, isn't it? I love watching the Operation, but it makes my kids sick. They don't understand how their mother can watch brain surgery while eating speghetti! LOL! Another great program is on the Discoery channel or TLC, I think, called "The New Detectives: Case studies in Forensic Science." Great show, you should check it out if you get a chance!
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  5. by   yellow rose
    Wow- my favorite class is a really tough call. I loved Pathophysiology, but I think it has a lot to do with the teacher. The nurse who taught our Patho class was one of the smartest, scariest, and nicest instructor I have ever met.
    I also thoroughly enjoyed Advanced Pharm- much more so than Basic Pharm.

    What was everybody's least favorite class? Mine would have to be a tie between organic chemistry and English grammar.
  6. by   CarolineRn
    hi Yellow Rose!

    My least favorite class hands down was college algebra! I *hated* making all those darned graphs!
  7. by   ADN 2002
    Wow, Caroline - I HATED micro! (lol) I would probably change my major rather than take THAT over again!

    I think my favorite class so far has to be all of the clinical courses (sounds kind of dumb, but it's my favorite part...)

    I'm really excited about my OB class coming up. That will probably be my favorite...
  8. by   NurzofFaith
    I would have to say my favorite has been Psychology of Women and also Sign Language.

    I am really looking forward to my Cardiac class/clinicals this semester also!

  9. by   BrandyBSN

    Awesome! You liked Sign Language too! It was my favorite.

    Did you take a SEE (signing exact english) program, or ASL (american sign language)?
  10. by   rn2003
    My favorite class so far has been A&P. I found it so interesting and I had the same instructor for two other classes so it was really fun.
    I am taking micro this semester and I think I'll like it.
  11. by   peaceful2100
    I know I am going to sound really strange because many people hate the class I have enjoyed but my first semester of nursing school last semester in the spring was Pathophysiology the first 4 weeks I hated it but the last 12 weeks it became my favorite class thanks to a caring and supportive nursing advisor and teacher who had faith in me. I had a F in patho after the second test in patho. I had even almost considered dropping out of nursing school but after the final at the end I received a B and I am very proud of that. I could have had an A if I had a positive attitude from the beginning but I did not but a B is good considering I had a F in patho and a warning at mid-term from the dean's office. Other than patho I have enjoyed English and my creative writing classes, along with sociology and human lifespan development.
  12. by   manaAJ2
    I think probably my favorite class so far, i'm only going to be a sophomore in the fall, was anatomy. I didn't really like all of the work, but i loved lab and found it really interesting. It also helped having a really hot, super nice, TA teaching our lab.

    But i am very excited to start clinicals next year and can't wait to do my peds clinical, since after college I hope to go into pediatrics.
  13. by   Julie, RN
    Pretty much anything that had to do with science or nursing I liked. Pre-nursing I really enjoyed A&P and Microbiology. And during my junior and senior yr, I pretty much enjoyed all of my nursing classes and inpatient hospital clinical rotations (Oncology being my most favorite, so I did 2 rotations in it). I also minored in Gerontology and all of those classes were really fun.
  14. by   AmberNoelle
    Hi everyone! I would have to say that Micro was definately my favorite course. We had a great teacher who made it so interesting. (and I loved growing gross stuff in lab too, )