What has been the most difficult course for you while in the nursing program?? - page 4

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  1. by   august_snow
    boy...the hardest...i am going to have to think about that one! but my drug administration is the scariest! the responsibility of a nurse with meds freaks the daylights out of me!
  2. by   DZcarrie
    Med-Surg III.

    My brain hurts.

  3. by   vegnurse21
    Ahh yall are scaring me. I start my peds rotation in two weeks! I just finished up Obstetrics and found it to be pretty simple, but then again, I think we had a fairly 'easy' instructor. She's very laid back and nice. I've always heard that peds is the worst, but the other students seem to be doing fine on the tests, so I'll try not to worry too much!

    Chemistry is by far the WORST course we have to take. For me at least lol. It just doesn't click with me and I studied my brains out and only passed with a 72.
  4. by   Mountain Nurse
    Quote from lu_ann
    I would have to say assessment during the RN portion of school. Humongous reading assignments and class consisted of a student portraying someone with a medical diagnosis, (sort of like the Seinfeld episode in which Kramer portrays someone with syphylis, LOL), you have to assess in front of the whole class, give a medical diagnosis, medical tests to run to confirm dx, then write a huge paper about it every week. This was only a one credit class that should of at least of been a 3 credit class according to the time spent in class.........not to mention the homework that required a Merck Manual to do! :angryfire

    I would have to TOTALLY agree. I had pharmacology and assessment together, and I had an A in Pharm and not as great in assessment. It is definately the hardest so far.
  5. by   purply_hazy
    For prereqs, Statistics
    For majors, it's Pharmacology hands down!
    with regards to clinicals, I am not a big fan of Community Health Nursing.

    Good thing I'm a very patient person! hihi!
  6. by   Catys_With_Me
    Most time consuming pre-req was A&P, pre-req I hated the most was a tie between Stats and Micro. Nursing class I've found the most difficult is definitely Pharm.

    And I don't get a kick out of Nurses-Eat-Their-Young courses either Retour_Divin, I just try to survive them!