What do you carry your lecture books with? - page 2

I am looking into getting a rolling duffle bag( or similar book bag) and was wondering if if you all had any good recommendations on what type/brand/style of bag to get? I seen the size of those... Read More

  1. by   mariessas_mom
    I had one of those rolling backpacks a few semesters ago. Ended up hating it. The wheels would get stuck on stuff, people would trip over it in crowded hallways, and stairs were a big hassle. Went back to my regular backpack and am much happier. All of our notes are on powerpoint, I rarely take books to class anyway!!!
  2. by   unknown99
    Get the one on wheels that you can pull!!! It will save your back and neck muscles!!!!
  3. by   shyne
    I just carry one book to class in my hand. I tried the rolling bags and didn't like it. It was too awkward and clumsy.
  4. by   MtnMan
    Soft sided leather attache with shoulder straps containing notebooks, lab manuals, TI-83 and PDA. Textbooks stay here in my office.
    I also leave my books in the car. I got a laundry basket from the Dollar store to keep them in. I also keep my nursing skill supplies in the trunk. I bought a smaller plastic container from the Dollar store for these. At the end of the semester I treated myself to a RBH rolling bookbag. I really love the compartments. Initially I carried a suitcase, but it was far too heavy. Then I switched off to a deep lunchbag with a plastic liner. This is what I carried for the semester.
    Go to Half-Price books and get a cheap Anatomy coloring book, or some type of review book. This makes it easy to find facts when you are reviewing systems in the Fundamental/Concepts class. These books are a lot more carry friendly than Kozier and Erb.
  6. by   okie2
    only in pre-reqs here, but I live 40 minutes from school- so I take my books. Others may be in the same boat. I can use spare time to read, study, etc. I have a tote with a wide shoulder strap, but as my classes/books increase in number, I'm considering the rolling case.
  7. by   RedSox33RN
    I don't even bring my books to school with me, let alone class! LOL They are so heavy, and if I need one, I could always go to the library or borrow one. That's never happened though, so I just continue to use them at home.

    I do, however, carry my PDA everywhere, especially clinical, which has Taber's and Davis Drugs and a generic Nursing Dx manual. That little thing is invaluable - I use it more than any text!
  8. by   jemommyRN
    I don't bring my books to class either. Just the current notes, binder, highlighters etc. Any referral that the teacher makes to the book I just right it down because when I go back to read the book, I always have my notes there to compare it anyway.
  9. by   nikonos
    An ox and cart
  10. by   Christina_NICU
    I bring this cute Jansport Even if I am just bringing one book I take it in this. It's so easy

  11. by   not now
    I carry my book and notebook. All my pencils, pens, highlighters, ect go in my purse. People look at me funny when I pull random things, like tape and bandage sissors, out of my purse when I'm looking for change.
  12. by   student_girl
    At my school, we have to bring the books. So I use a rolling suitcase. I couldn't live without it!