What do you like most about nursing school? (A happy thread!)

  1. I thought it was a good time to start a thread where we could all share what we love about learning to be a nurse!

    Personally, I can't believe how much I love nursing school! I am in my first semester of an ADN program and we have done so much in the last six weeks. I have learned to take vital signs, do a physical assessment, do AM care, change a sterile dressing, pass oral meds, document using a computer charting system and we are starting on Foley catheters next week! I have learned about therapeutic communication, health promotion, legal and ethical nursing issues, safety measures and formulating nursing diagnoses.

    I have a bachelor and masters degree in another field and I think I have learned more in the last six weeks than I did in those six years of college.

    We did our orientation at the hospital today and starting next week we will be taking care of patients. I can't wait! I am so blessed!

    What do you love about nursing or nursing school?
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  3. by   jenrninmi
    Quote from lauralou

    what do you love about nursing or nursing school?
    i love the feeling that, wow, this is what all the hard work was for in prereqs! it's a great feeling! i too feel like i have so blessed to be able to have this experience. i love the clinical experience! i love learning so much everyday! it's amazing how much your brain can soak in! like a huge absorbing sponge! lol.
  4. by   kc ccurn
    I love your enthusiasm (sp?). The highlight of my nursing school career was getting a christmas card from a patient that I had taken care of in school. He was in his 80's (this was at least 14 years ago ) and had had an MI. I did his cardiac teaching for a project. The pt and his wife wrote my instructor a stellar review, I think I still have a copy of it and the christmas card as well. Enjoy nursing school, enjoy the friendships you make, have fun because life is too short and too fragile to sweat the small stuff! Good luck in clinicals!
  5. by   RNKITTY04
    I have made some truly good friends in nursing school, one in particular that I know will be a life-long friend even once nursing school is over.
    I also like when I get to apply what I have learned in the classroom in clinical's, I was tickled pink last week when I got to actually see an A-line and understand in person how it worked. Pretty cool stuff!
  6. by   bluesky
    You know my 1st reaction to the thread title was (thinking to self,) "what I love most is GRADUATION in 91 days"! But then everyone reminded me of the wonderful friends I have made. The clinical component in my program was kind of weak until senior practicum (which I am doing in a level 1 trauma center) so I am making up for lost time right now. Thanks for keeping it on the positive side. Enjoy the rest of your experience!

  7. by   Catma63
    The learning of procedures has been the most exciting. I absolutely adore clinicals. I have one of those amazing instructors that knows just how to ask a question to get the student to really think about the appropriate answer. Okay, not that I always get the answer right but she's always there to back up and tell me/us where I/we went right or wrong. I love the patients....How can I ever forget how I felt when a mastectomy patient began crying after I put my hand lightly over hers and said it had been such a long time since anyone had touched her in a caring way. Touching by procedure she'd grown used to...human interaction and tenderness, she craved.
    I love never knowing what I'm going to learn next.
  8. by   FutureNurse2005
    i'm not in nursing school yet, but I can say that I just love knowing that all of my hard work is not going to be for nothing. That in the end, I will have greater meaning in my life and I will be serving a much better purpose.

    Hugs for everyone!!
  9. by   LeesieBug
    I love the patients....ahem..I mean "clients" I have met so many awesome people who keep me motivated. We have dealt primarily with elderly clients this year, some of whom were so darn sweet and funny I wanted to pack them up in my car and take them home with me!

    This semester, I also love my clinical site, and the people who work there. The nurses, CNA's and staff there are ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! Freindly, helpful, knowledgable, and have a positive attitude! Never act irritated when we pester them with our never-ending questions. They always make us feel like part of the team rather than a burden.
  10. by   Stephanie D
    I liked the group work.
  11. by   Altra
    Every time it's 0100 and I'm still in front of the computer typing a care plan (ok, sometimes at 0100 I'm at allnurses.com ), I think about how much I love clinicals. I absolutely love it. I don't love getting up at 0500, but I do love the combination of intellectual & technical stuff and being a comforting presence for my patients. Every single week I've learned something that has made me say to myself, "that's so cool!" I don't love every situation I've observed -- let's face it, you have to be able to deal with some very sad things -- but I do love that I have the opportunity to be there and make some small difference for someone.

    I'm also grateful that my school has, overall, a very supportive atmosphere. I've come across a few nurses in clinicals who may want to work on their people skills , but all of our instructors seem to truly want to see us do well.

    Good luck to everyone!
  12. by   mom and nurse
    The thing I like most about nursing school are the different types of people I have met who made the decision to become nurses. The people I have been privileged to meet.....
  13. by   CarolineRn
    Quote from LauraLou
    What do you love about nursing or nursing school?
    The fact that I graduated, and will never ever again have clinicals! WooHoo! :hatparty:
  14. by   belladelicious
    I like how all the nursing students form a little family, we're all bonded...which isn't like most other majors.

    Working your ass off studying...and getting a good grade. It feels so good!

    Going to clinicals...and seeing so many things. I think the best thing for me so far, was when I went to home health..and we visited a man, who was about to die. I have zero experience with anything nursing related..and he really made it click in my head that I went into the right profession, and I do want to be a nurse.

    During clinicals...meeting some very interesting people. It's like a whole new world for me.

    And also, there's some kinda unique people in my nursing class. I think half of them are crazy.

    And now that I've been in school a few weeks, it's really not the horror I thought it would be! It's doable. I thought I'd be failing, and would drop out and my life would be ruined...but, no, it's definitely doable!