What do you do when you feel burned out?

  1. What do you do during finals when you feel completely burned out? It's just one more exam, but I have no desire to do any kind of studying!

    Anyone have any good suggestions? Maybe take a day off from studying? Suck it up?
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  3. by   CBsMommy
    If you can take a day off without putting yourself too far behind, do it. Usually if I take just a few hours off, I am ready to go back and study.

    Are you working towards anything? I am working towards building myself a new house a few years after I graduate so I will go walk through a model home or two and that gets me motivated to study as well.

    Good luck! We will make it through this!
  4. by   peas&carrots
    I'm not in nursing school yet (start in Aug...yay!) but I am trying to finish up my associates of science by cramming in 20 hours this semester. Anyone who has to take organic chemistry knows about burnout...lol. So what I do is take some time to just plug in my ipod and play some silly games on pogo.com. I also make sure to go to the gym at least 5 days a week and get in 45+ minutes of cardio. I just sit my notes on the display and look through them. Even when I don't think I'm retaining anything I actually end up remembering alot. Hope this helps.
  5. by   HyperSaurus, RN
    I play Pokemon on my Nintendo DS when I'm too tired or annoyed to study.
  6. by   sneakymom2011
    I hear you on that one.

    My OB/Ped final is next week. I should be going over the zillions of notes I have. What am I doing instead? Nothing. I have no motivation whatsoever. It doesn't help that we had our last test yesterday and I'm still burnt out on it.

    I'm thinking I'm going to get off this computer, clean up the kitchen, then go outside with the kitties and do a little studying. Maybe going outside and looking at notes for a bit will help.

  7. by   rioshopefullvn
    Take some time off even if it is just a few hours....Get away by yourself...long walk always works for me.....Once you get your mind clear get back to the books....every time i would get burned out I would always imagine the light at the end of the tunnel. You will be fine, just get some YOU time!!!! Good Luck on finals!!!
  8. by   luvthegsp
    "Anyone who has to take organic chemistry knows about burnout" Nothing in comparison to nursing school. I have an BS in Aeronautical science and was half way through a Masters in Aeronautical/Industrial Management when I decided that enough was enough. I have taken physics, many accounting classes and chem classes....nothing compares to nursing school.

    TO answer the original question.....do whatever it takes to make it. Take a walk, go to the movies, beach, mall, read a non-school book, take a yoga class, cry, go fishing, watch TV (its that thing in the corner that never gets turned on anymore) eat ice cream till ya puke. WHATEVER it takes!! Then pick yourself up and get back to work..
  9. by   SPNTalley
    you go girl~! im also a SPN and i LOVVVVVE to play pokemon on my down time. i can't wait for B/W to come out in english!! *ahem* this is a childhood memory kinda thing. i wont shake it no matter how old i get.
  10. by   flipryder
    I am studying for a module test, I feel a little burned out yesterday so after sitting in Starbucks studying for four hours, i went and watched Harry Potter (the new one out). After watching the movie, I felt the urge to study feeling being behind (which is all the time) and that motivated me to drown myself studying again. Still studying as I write this post and found everybody's comments very helpful and entertaining. Humor goes a long way. Good luck to you and myself. Now back to the books!!!
  11. by   Despareux
    Usually when I'm feeling burned out, I assess (and reassess) my diet, fluid intake, and quality of sleep. It is usually one or all of these things that require a change to lessen the degree of mental exhaustion I experience.

    But if it's to a point that I absolutely cannot do anymore, I sleep, and I usually wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the weight of the world, again.

    Also, changing the way you study may help ease that burned out feeling.

    I hope you feel better.