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Does it discourage you? Does it intimidate you or make you not want to do it? Especially for you career changers, if you read other forums on this site it can be discouraging!... Read More

  1. by   hbscott
    RN2be said:

    "Change agents? Can you please explain this to me? Are you asking who needs to change it?"

    See Link Below for thread discussion on your question.

  2. by   agent
    Originally posted by agent
    So what about a father working as a nurse??

    Would it be as bad on the kids if they had a stay home mom?
  3. by   MandyInMS
    Ok...I'll bite
    Guess it wouldn't matter male or female in the home being a nurse..that person would still miss out on so many important family events..My Dad was a Vet (doggie doc)..he missed a LOT of our childhood stuff that he regrets now..just as I, as a nurse have missed out on many things with my son working such crazy hours/holidays,ect. There is good and bad in all professions..I TRY to make the good outweigh the bad if at all possible...I may have missed b-ball games, football games, plays,Christmas's..but I was able to support my son and provide a good life for him..best schools growing up..just started college for PT today ..got him a new vehicle this weekend that will last him through school...and we talk openly...he KNOWS I love him now and always...If I hadn't become a nurse I wouldn't have been able to provide for him as well as I have...and that makes me feel good.....yes, I've wanted to quit many times...but he has kept me on track....best of luck future nurses...just listen to both sides..because there are always 2 sides...and weigh the options for yourself
  4. by   agent
    I definitely want to be able to be there for my kids.. thats why I dropped out of pre-med..

    my aunt has been an RN for 30 yrs im sure she has insight..
  5. by   TMS2121
    Honestly, it makes me want to be a nurse even more. There is so much to look forward to if you love caring for patients. I think some of these nurses that talk like this are either on the verge of burnout or are ready to retire and call it quits. I work as a student nurse tech on a medical unit and I've had some experienced nurses say to me, " Are you sure you want to be a nurse?...... there's still time you know?", and the funny thing is they are saying this when they have to do something they don't like doing such as cleaning up someone that is incontinent or dealing with a patient who is non-compliant w/ or w/o dementia. I feel sad for them when I hear them say this but it only makes me want to be a nurse even more!!!
  6. by   babs_rn
    Verge of burnout? No, though I have been - many times. Ready to retire and call it quits? THAT, my friend, is a no-brainer. For all the the reasons previously given. It is not a personal flaw, nor is it a personality defect. It is a reaction to what is constantly demanded of us. I used to be just as idealistic as you seem to be...we all were, or we wouldn't have become nurses. I'd like to hear you come back in 5-10 yrs, even 5-10 MONTHS after graduation....and see if your ideas have hit the wall .....
  7. by   fulwood
    I personally am glad for the commentary on this board - whether it be positive or negative. I would rather hear from nurses in the trenches both ther pros and cons and from thence I make my decision whether this is a career to pursue. This board is also for nurses to vent about a profession many of them love but can't abide the burearcracy etc. that prvents them from doing their job - i.e. spending time with patient which I think is why people decide to go into nursing - there is little time for it anymore with paperwork, short staffed, economics etc. etc.
  8. by   kimmicoobug
    I have been a nurse for almost two months. I like my job because I find it fun and on most days, (not all days, like last night) I use my brain. Nursing has taught me to become organized and to be most efficient with my time. My normal patient load is 5-7 on nights and for the most part, I can do it with little stress. BUT, now I know what the experienced nurses meant by sore backs! I came home and my back was so sore, I was in tears. I had spasms and nothing seemed to ease the pain. Sad thing is, it wasn't from patient care (since I work nights and most of them slept all night) it was from bending over to write in the charts and to do 24 h checks. I am also finding that I am beginning to miss my kids. I sleep great during the day, but I am having trouble adjusting my sleep schedule on my nights off. I stay awake all night and sleep all day, regardless of work. I get kind of lonely. Fortunately, my kids's dad is a stay at home, so at least they are getting some quality parent time.
  9. by   Med409
    This was an interesting topic...and I wondered the same thing. It is discouraging at times...but Nursing is not the only career I hear negative statements about. I am a Medical Assistant and I heard negative comments before I started working in the field. Even though the company I worked for ..payed me practically nothing...I loved my job, the patients and it was family oriented. I am now back in school for Nursing..a serious newbie.

    Anyway, I see a lot of jobs in Maryland for Nursing working all kinds of shifts.(besides the 11-7,7-3,3-11 and any other nighters). Like others say..if you put your mind to it..you can definately accomplish your goals.

    YOu are always going to get downside/positive...but I see very few people that are discussing the "downfalls" leaving either. Anyway on a good note..good luck to all the soon to be Nurses and do the very best in your career.

  10. by   Averykat
    Very interesting topic, espesscially as someone just starting on the road to be an RN.

    I've seen a couple of posts with people saying that they miss a lot of their children's activities, but I hardly think that nursing is the only profession where this happens.

    I think it's good for people that are thinking of becoming nurses to read about what some consider to be the negative aspects of the job - that way there's not a total shock when you start working. However, I do keep in mind that most people, regardless of profession, are not totally satisfied with their job. Obviously I'm not, nor are the many other people making career changes to become RN's.

    As many have said, the grass is always greener...


  11. by   sanakruz
    Ladies and gentlemen: it's MANAGED CARE that killing nurses and careers.
    Nursing can and will evolve. It's a fundamental need we will all experience in our life times. We are all consumers of health care.

    Its the way the care is distributed/delivered that will leave a sour taste in one's mouth.
    I HAVE SEEN PEOPLE DENIED CARE because of inability to pay. I have seen people denied care because some claims adjuster wants to look good at the end of the month by saving their corp. money.
    This is what sickens me.
    I would like to feel more a part of the solution than part of the problem.
  12. by   TeenyBabyRN
    Originally posted by agent
    I definitely want to be able to be there for my kids.. thats why I dropped out of pre-med..

    my aunt has been an RN for 30 yrs im sure she has insight..
    Agent -
    You can be there for your kids as a nurse (and good for you for making this a priority!) It can be done if you make up your mind.
    I have no kids, but I am able to have an active life outside of nursing.

    Everyone -
    There is a lot of flexibility in nursing - more so, acutally, than in any other career field I've looked into when I've thought nursing just wasn't worth it. I'm still a nurse after 7 years, by the way, I still haven't found any greener grass to graze on. I think that this is because, after 7 years as an RN, my expectations are high!
    * I want to be able to work when I want - I am nauseated and cranky before 9 or 10 in the morning, so I prefer to work in the middle of the night on 11-7 or 7-7 shifts. How many other professions offer that?
    * I am used to living on my current income, ($36/hr). I don't want to take a cut in pay to start over in another field.
    * I love being able to explore any area of medicine I want. I have worked in ER, OR, general pediatrics, NICU, newborn nursery, PICU and trauma. I have also worked in many different units as a travel nurse. Some I really liked, some I really didn't. Different areas fit different personalities...almost everyone can find a place that appeals to them. Work environments vary as well. There are office jobs (management, MD office, etc.), adrenaline-junkie jobs (any ICU, trauma, ER, some ORs), "I get bored easily" jobs (travel nurse, agency nurse) and many others. There are, literally, too many different opportunities for RNs to list them all here. (*hint* - they don't stop with the "open positions" listing at the local hospital). Very few professions offer so many options within themselves.

    All that said, nursing is not all "Rah, Rah, this is great!" I can vent along with the best of them. Sometimes I come home from work thinking, "WHY oh WHY did I become a nurse?! How could I have done this to myself??" There is a lot of crap, (a lot of it you will find in other professions as well) but there is also a lot of good that cannot be found anywhere else.

    Best of luck to all of you students (and students-to-be!)
  13. by   Paleobug
    Teeny, I agree with you that there is negativety on all professions and jobs. Whenever you have to deal with management and coworkers in any type of job environment, there will always be backstabbing and politics to some degree. As I said before, there are so many opportunities in nursing, if one job environment gets too toxic you can always move on.