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  1. by   LoriB
    Straba, that's hysterical.

    Maire, I sent you a PM. I'm at BCC too!

    FarmRN2b: Ewwww.

    Mitrah: I have two cats and love them also. I was just hoping I would get over it in the lab. Maire is at the same school I'll be going to and she said it's a computer generated body so I think I'm safe. Of course if she took Fundamental Anatomy instead of Human Anatomy I'm not sure. They offer both at BCC. Fundamental says it's computer generated, Human says ... suspiciously nothing, hmmmmmmmmmmm.

    The variety at the different schools is interesting.
  2. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Human cadavers at CC!!! I'm soooooooo jealeous!

    We did have a preserved cat uder glass that was laquered or something. My instructor was so excited when it came in. It cost the entire budget for displays..............The catalog at Towson doesn't describe the lab specimens.........If I have to retake Anatomy, it'll be with cadavers. The difference between a model and the true organism is just too great to be guessing.
  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i missed out on the actual dissesting, but, i enjoyed the learning experience of the cat we had.
  4. by   happystudent
    Originally posted by LoriB
    I have to take it this fall and I'm curious.

    Just finished it this past semester.. a lovely cat that my lab partner and I named ally whishes aka road kill

    We mangled that sucker.. It was fun tho...hehehe

  5. by   cheripa
    We had to skin a fetal pig ( we disected a few other things, while
    we were in there and all..), sheep's brain, cow's eyeball(this is really cool!) I'm currentely taking A&P II, but we didn't start any yet....
  6. by   Jen2
    We did a cat named"toonces". Cow eyes, Sheep kidneys, frogs, and a deer heart. My lad partner and I had a cat with a pregnant uterus. I would go home and could not even look at my house cat (felt so bad). I am now a vegetarian. Seriously.
  7. by   zannie
    we didn't disect anything... we just looked at and poked around an already disected cat.
  8. by   sashibeak
    Ha ha! To all of you who got to dissect cadavers............ wow!

    I got a measly little sheep's brain!

  9. by   LoriB

    I'm pretty sure I'll be a vegetarian after this too.

  10. by   kats
    I dissected a fetal pig in high school. In college, we dissected a cat we named Felix, a sheep eyeball, and a cow brain. I thought the worst was the eye. One girl from our lab in another group actually got squirted in the face when she cut the eye- yuk! I definately think that a cadavear would have been much more informative, but our school really couldn't afford that. They are working right now on building a new campus. We are already taking classes at the new campus, but the aren't done with all the buildings that they are planning, so all the money is going there. Plus, here in CA there have been cutbacks in money to go to education.
  11. by   Gotzfaith
    We did sheeps eyes, cats, cow brains and a cadaver (viewed only - no poking)
  12. by   chiefswife
    Dissected a sheep brain and a cow eye ball in A&P I. Took A&P II at a different community college and we dissected a cat - he was left over from the previous semster (they did the muscles), so he came with a name, Felix. I renamed him Dan after my ex...that way it didn't make me feel so bad when I cut open his chest to look at his heart. (Unlike my ex - the cat had one!
  13. by   Gampopa
    We had a human cadaver, elderly female. They wrap up the cadaver's head, hands, & feet just in case there was the possibility that someone in the class could ID her by seeing these. It was really, really helpful to have a cadaver. The TA did all the disections. The freekiest thing was pulling the brain out of the cranium We also did sheep eyes & brain.