What courses in first semester of nursing school?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm still a ways off from getting into nursing school, but I just wondered if someone would like to share what the first semester is like? What courses do you take and do you start clinicals the first semester? Do all nursing schools require patho? Do you ever get to make your own schedule or do you just take what they give you?

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  3. by   peaceful2100
    Well, each school is different. I have heard of some schools that don't have to take Pathophysiology. My school we take pathophysiology the first semester. Other courses we take the first semester includes Nursing skills, Nutrition (If you have not already taken it) and Nursing Health Assessment. We were not allowed to make our own schedule with the nursing classes. We were told the classes we need to take, what days and what times. I have heard of some of the larger schools offering more choices but mine does not since we are smaller and private. During our first semester we do a 3 week clinical. Each week was one full day from 630-300 and one half day from 630-1200. The first clinical we did was in a Long- term care/skilled nursing unit. So the first semester for me was mainly a lot of theory.
  4. by   lindagio
    I did not get to choose my classes either. I went to an ADN school which I believe has more clinical experience. My first class was Fundamental nursing which introduced the nursing process, assessment, and some disease processes. The worst part of the class was Fluid and electrolytes. If you have any spare time start studying that topic. I had clinicals with every class. 2 classes a semester. They only class with no clinicals was pharm. Good luck. I suggest you join your local chapter of NSNA(nations student nurse association) THey accept pre nursing students and you will be able to mentor with current nursing students. Look the association up at the nursing school you plan to attend. I know we loved getting pre nursing students.
  5. by   Debbie5
    Thanks for all the great info, everyone!! This is just getting me more and more excited!! Can't wait.

  6. by   Silvia A.
    I'm in an ADN program and we start out with Fundamentals of Nursing and Pharmacology. At my school pathophysiology is during the second semester, I believe. After the first five weeks we will go to the clinical sites on Thursdays and Fridays.
  7. by   Tinker
    I am in my first semester of nursing school now. I am taking physical assesment with lab, science of nursing, Issues, Advanced physiology, pharmacology, and we have 8-12 hours in the hospital each week. We were not allowed to choose our courses either.
  8. by   det01
    The school I am attending does require patho. In fact, it is a preq for Pharmocology.
  9. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i will be taking, fundamentals of nursing, basic pharmacology, health assessment, intro to information system, and the school's orientation.
  10. by   Debbie5
    Does anyone know if you can take pharm or patho online and if so, will it transfer?
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  11. by   subec
    Hey Debbie---most schools in this area will not accept patho from any school but theirs.

    The first semester at UTA is:

    Concepts of Professional Nursing
    Holistic Health Assesment with clinical
    Parmacology in Nursing Practice
    Pathologic Processes
    Clinical Nursing Foundations with clinical and lab

    TWU doesn't require patho as a pre-req, you can take it before hand, but I'm pretty sure that they require their class. I can give you the names of the people to talk to at UTA, TWU, or Baylor if these are schools that you are interested in applying to. Just let me know.

    Good luck to everyone this semester!!!!!!!!