What classes are you taking next semester [Spring 2003] - page 2

susan, i saw your question regarding what classes will i take during my 2nd semester and decided to start a seperate thread to ask others the same question. my classes are as follow: adult health... Read More

  1. by   PennyLane
    Oh wow Rhona, you're going to be busy busy. Teresa--I'm finishing up my pre-reqs too. I'm taking A&P II and Nutrition. Nutrition isn't even a requirement for the program I really want to get in, but it is for my back-up school.

    I just found out I got a 98% in A&P I!! Woot!
  2. by   Hooligan
    I'm just taking A&P 1...it's the last of my pre-req's Woo Hoo!!!
  3. by   fourbirds4me
    This is my last semester and we have ---

    Clinical IV (which is 128 hours of community nursing and 168 hours of acute care)
    Community Health Nursing
  4. by   sanrionjb
    I'll be in my 2nd semester of actual nursing classes. I'll have Pharm II, Patho II, Health Assessment, Med/Surg II (class and clinical) 1st 7 weeks, then OB (class and clinical) 2nd 7 weeks.
  5. by   nrselisa
    I am taking OB, Peds, Pysch, Med Surg 3 & nursing perspectives. We don't have our schedule yet

  6. by   RodeoLP
    I'm taking :

    Pharm I 7-8am Mon
    Fund of Nur 1:30-4:15 Mon
    Fund skills lab 9-11:30 Wed
    Health Assmt 2-3:40 Wed
    Clinical 7-2:50 Thur
  7. by   nrs2bme
    Teresa - I felt the same way... I'm just starting pre-reqs it still counts though...
    Chem and Anatomy....
  8. by   giftedRN
    I am done with my prerequisites and waiting on the nursing college to inform me if I have gotten in for fall. During this time I will be taking the following.

    Issues of religion in the caribbean
    Black women writers.

    Those two are exit classes. I am just waiting and praying. I will not know until about march but I am pretty nervous.

  9. by   Momto2Boys
    Originally posted by TeresaRN2b
    Don't know why I'm even posting in this thread, but I am taking one class. It's the only general ed class I have left and all my prereqs are done. I'll be taking American Govt via a television course so this should be a very easy semester, but I am spending all my extra time studying up on medical terminology and dosage calculations and any other nursing stuff I can get my hands on. I am trying to get myself as ready as I can be for the nursing classes in the fall.

    Good Idea! And be proud of yourself that you got all your pre-req out of the way!!!
  10. by   JennyRN2B
    Hey all!

    I am taking:
    A&P I
    Fund of Nutrition
    Intro to Phil

    Wa HOO!! I can't wait!! I am just finishing up my Soc class so I have full time hours without actually having to be full time! I really liked doing it this way. It is a good way to knock out the hours without killing yourself.

    Merry Christmas!
  11. by   babynursewannab
    I"m taking:

    Adult Health (Med-Surg)
    An Honors Course
    World Civ
  12. by   Love-A-Nurse
    all the best to each of us!
  13. by   Wyldeflower
    Next semester, I will have physiology, disruptions in mental health, and maternity nursing...15 credit hours per week at school and 16 credit hours per week clinicals.