What are your nursing goals?

  1. This may have been previously discussed, but I am curious about what other students goals are in nursing after receiving the long-awaited license? I'm curious about the specialties that y'all want to go into and/or what further degrees or certifications are planned for the future.

    As for me, I am hoping to find a job in a cardiac stepdown or telemetry unit and possibly work into a critical care unit. I would love to eventually become a CNS in the area of cardiac or critical care or maybe even a CRNA someday:Melody:
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  3. by   mitchsmom
    Wanting to work in L&D and become a CNM is the reason I went to nursing school, although going into my last semester I can say that I have enjoyed all my rotations.
  4. by   L&D4ME
    I plan on working either in adult icu or l&d. I eventually plan on getting my CRNA.
  5. by   Soon-to-be-NurseJess
    I just finished all of my classes on the 16th and I'm going into a Surgical unit. I plan on getting more floor experience and time management experience working on a floor and then moving into the Operating room in a residency program for nurses that lasts for about 6 mos. I want to eventually get my RNFA. I just think surgical nursing is awesome.

    I also love working with the elderly. If, for some reason, I don't like surgical nursing as much as I think I will, I want to work with the elderly, most likely in an Acute Care for the Elderly unit at a hospital. I work in a nursing home now as a CNA and love it as well so I may work at a nursing home instead...it just depends on how much I like the areas I get my initial experiences in. My clinical rotations didn't offer as much experience in either of those areas as I would have liked and they both interest me very much.
  6. by   S.N. Visit
    So far, I think I'd like: Geriatric psych/Dementia; O.B, School nursing; occupational health nursing, or some kind of specialty like allergy.
  7. by   bowkerj
    BSN - then an NP of some kind - haven't decided what I'm specializing in yet!
  8. by   TheCommuter
    My interests are geriatrics, psych, public health, subacute, and diabetes patient education. I completed LVN school 2 months ago, took the NCLEX-PN 2 days ago, and plan to bridge to an LVN-to-RN program in the very near future.
  9. by   mom2michael
    ER, ICU, PACU, OB, Peds, NICU are all jobs I think I would enjoy...

    However, when I graduate I'll probably do the 1-2 years at this Rehab center near my home that specializes in brain injuries and long term vent patients for the experience. You have 3-4 total care patients. It has a great new grad training program and from what most have told me, it's a great place to learn.
  10. by   NaomieRN
    I plan to work as an infertility nurse for Yale New Haven Hospital.
  11. by   onehusbandsevenkids
    My interests:

    Labor & Delivery, Mother-Baby, NICU, perhaps PEDS.
    I have an attraction to flight nursing also.

    I'll probably end up in NICU, as I can't see myself working in a mainstream USA maternity ward for long as I'm too "alternative" and I think I would get very frustrated. There are no birth centers around, and as a matter of fact our newspaper just did a big story on how our city and area has 1 CNM!!!
    I would love to be a CNM, but just not sure if I could handle it in this area and moving is not an option. I'll be going to a place in TX where you can get hands on experience with prenatal, L&D, postnatal and newborn care. Its more like a midwifery boot camp but maybe it will help me decide.

    I do think when all is said and done, I'll eventually settle, very happily, in NICU.
  12. by   ICRN2008
    I plan to work in a cardiac stepdown or telemetry unit when I graduate, and also start grad school as soon as possible. I hope eventually to work as an NP in cardiology or infectious disease.
  13. by   Race Mom
    Never thought I could handle it before, but now I am willing to run to the Peds floor! I started this obstacle course wanting to go into L&D, still might, but after volunteering at the hospital, I found that I have a calling for kids.
  14. by   Rosa2Little
    I'm thinking about palliative care. I'm also interested in research. My goal is to complete my BSN and then the MSN directly following -afraid if I don't commit to it right away, I might not get back for a while!