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Hello, everyone! I am a pre-nursing student starting to study at the nursing school this fall, hopefully. What's your plan this summer? I am looking for the summer job on campus now. I... Read More

  1. by   icesk8ie
    Sleep, study and take the NCLEX-RN, and move up to San Fran! I can't wait...

  2. by   PennyLane
    I'll be enjoying my summer taking Adult Health and Geriatrics. No breaks for the accelerated students....
  3. by   jemommyRN
    I am going to bust my butt working full-time, studying some RN dosage calculations and reviewing A&P. Then at the end of the summer I am going to take a Carribbean cruise right before the start of Nursing school this fall. :hatparty:

    I owe it to myself.
  4. by   NursePru
    Taking micro and nutrition then going to Florida with my best friends to celebrate the end of singledom for one of them! Oh yeah, I'm also in the wedding at the end of the summer which should be fun. It will be my 4th time being a bridesmaid. 3 times a bridesmaid, never a bride...uh oh
  5. by   LeesieBug
    Glad to see lots of others will be sitting in a classroom with me, this summer. I don't usually mind taking summer classes because normally I schedule them in the evenings, and usually do classess that are not very demanding. Due to scheduling problems this spring, however, I am stuck taking A&P II over the summer.

    M-F, for 5 weeks, in the mornings....ICK. Now I have to make arrangements for my daughter during that time, which I do not like to have to do in the summer. Oh well, not much I can do about it, huh? At least summer classes are fast. I do like tht aspect! And at least after the class in the morning I can prop up by the lake, catch some sun, and study all afternoon!
  6. by   Jennerizer
    Hanging out in the psychiatric ward studying psych for nursing. Fun, fun, fun!
  7. by   FutureArmyNurse
    I'm going on a cruise to the Mediterranean. Finally I'm going to see Pompeii! And the Greek Isles!! I'm so excited!
  8. by   MryRose
    I'm also going to bein the classroom.... hammering our 2 pre-req's this summer! Ugh!

    But.... Happily I can say I am going to Vegas during Spring Break... yeah baby!

  9. by   Ruylupez
    I will be finished with the second semester of my ADN program. I'm gonna be in Microbiology two days a week for the first 8 weeks of the summer. I'm also going to be trying to find work at one of the local hospitals
  10. by   manna
    IF I get into the nursing program this fall - beginning in June I'll quit my FT job and take my last two pre-reqs, two P.E. type classes. Then nursing courses begin full-time in July.
  11. by   wonderbee
    Probably I'll take the whole summer off from school and work a couple days a week at the hospital as a tech. I'll take a trip to PA to visit my grown kids and bring my 3 year old granddaughter back to spend a couple weeks down here with me and her other grands. We'll make sandcastles at the beach and talk to the pelicans. I think I'm going to have to serve jury duty that was deferred twice already b/c of school. Tossing around the idea of taking an express summer course toward my BSN but horror stories about second semester might keep that idea in check. It might be better if I just rest up.

    Mostly I intend to be very lazy, watch videos, soak up the salt air and read a good book at a snail's pace.
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  12. by   mitchsmom
    I am supposed to be taking a couple of classes, probably Nursing Research, and Nursing Management... two that I dread b/c they sound so boring...required for our program but not clinical classes. I would like to just take a break this summer but I probably won't since it'll just mean more work later. At least they should be online so no 110mile commute.
  13. by   FutureNurse2005
    i'll be working and finishing pre-reqs!! No time off for me!!