What are good shoes, socks, and a watch for a nursing student?

  1. Ideally, my shoes have to be white with no logo present at all. The same applies to the socks. So what are the comfy ones out there?

    Also, how about watches? I think a silver/metal one with some nifty gadgets on it would be ideal for a nursing student.

    EDIT: Would you advise wearing back support?
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  3. by   mangopeach
    I wear all white Reebok Classics- pretty comfy
    For socks, I just buy from the dollar store, thin ladies all white socks. I'm too cheap to spend a lot of money on socks. The dollar store socks are just fine for me.
    My watch is a cheap digital watch from Target that counts seconds. Nothing fancy. Its pink. As expensive as books and supplies are, I really didn't see the need to spend a lot of money on a watch when all I need is one that counts seconds. I know 2 pm is 1400 so I don't really need one that tells military time but I guess that is a nice feature for a nursing student. I don't see why any other gadgets would be needed on a watch. Just be able to count seconds and tell military time.
  4. by   CharlieT
    This is what works for me, to each his/her own.

    Shoes, I go with cheap white sneakers which I replace every semester. I tried expensive leather shoes that killed my feet, so they now gather dust in my closet. You may be required to have smooth tops, as in no strings, in case anything gets on them.

    Socks, I choose to spend some money here, nice, soft, thick, comfortable.

    watch, CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP, it has to have a second hand, I like a metal band not leather so that I can clean it well, save your $ for a nice watch to wear to class or go out in, not for the hospital, nobody, and I mean nobody is going to care about how fancy your watch is at the hospital (well,...they shouldn't anyway) Your drug book, now that's a useful item to refer to at clinical.

    I also added a watch that clips on to my 'scope after I forgot my watch one day.
  5. by   sandyfeet
    We have to wear plain white shoes too. I had some white New Balance shoes that I had used for previously volunteering in a hospital that worked out perfectly. I like cushioned athletic socks (also something I already had). My program suggested getting a regular watch with a sweep hand so that you can time things more easily, without having to calculate anything (like :20 to :50 being 30 seconds), and we had a vendor come to our school selling $20 nurse-themed watches. So I got one of those. You really don't need anything fancy because it is going to get dirty!
    And as you can tell from this post, I am all about saving money!
  6. by   CharlieT
    I did spend some money on a nice 'scope. Littman cardiology, a little over $200. No regrets.
  7. by   JROregon
    Reebok all white walking shoes, very cushy, thick socks to prevent blisters, and a Target watch with a big face and numbers (analog) and plastic band. Don't waste a lot of cash on a watch because there are going to be times when you are covered in PPE and will be using the wall clock for your rates. Just make sure you have a second hand.
  8. by   JROregon
    What kind of back support are you thinking of? A big belt would be impossible to keep clean because you would be taking it off and putting it on several times during a shift. Your back has very strong muscles that are meant to do the work of bending with some weight bearing and wearing a belt would cause the back muscle to atrophy. I lift heavier weights when I go shopping at Costco. Spend some time daily to do abdominal exercises. That will protect your back.
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  9. by   J-Swish
    I think I'll hold off on the watch for now. For the shoe, I think I may have to find high tops because high tops noticeably give comfort to my feet and ankles.

    You're right JROregon, I'm going to be working out my abs this summer. But if I do find a very flexible back support belt or something of that nature, I may buy it.
  10. by   lidleanjel
    I have new balance shoes. They have been the best for me for school the work so usually 16hrs straight. Socks are not a big deal to me but if u talk to seasoned nurses they recommend compression stockings. I am really thinking about trying them. I have gone through 5 cheap watches and a relic in the last 6m related to water damage, so I recommend spending 80$on a citizens watch. And make sure the watch is at least water resistent. Then of course spend some money on a littman stethoscope.
  11. by   MN-Nurse
    Quote from J-Swish
    Ideally, my shoes have to be white with no logo present at all. The same applies to the socks. So what are the comfy ones out there?

    Also, how about watches? I think a silver/metal one with some nifty gadgets on it would be ideal for a nursing student.

    EDIT: Would you advise wearing back support?
    I picked up some white New Balance walkers out of the clearance bin (women's 9 1/2!). They work fine.

    My favorite socks are ones that are clean - bonus if they match.

    You need a watch with a second hand. No gadgets necessary.
  12. by   MidnightAzalea
    I wear Landau comfort shoes, forget the name, but they're all rubber so I can easily wipe them off. Nobody wants to clean blood/poo/etc off of shoelaces! I also get no-show socks with cushion, normally when they're on sale from wherever. I would go for a cheap watch that is easy to clean. I have a $12 one from Walmart that lights up (I recommend this for dark rooms when you don't want to disturb the pt) and has a second hand. I've oddly gotten tons of compliments on my cheapo pink watch!
  13. by   Nurse_Diane
    Watch- digital, military time. Plastic. Can easily be washed. Waterproof.
    Socks- whatever floats your boat- seriously
    Shoes- everyone is different. do you run/walk/exercise? I wear running shoes and have no problems. do yourself and favor, and don't opt for CUTE shoes. Opt for SENSIBLE shoes.

    All the best,
    Diane, RN
  14. by   J-Swish
    I think I know what I'm getting for a watch and it isn't expensive either. These are all very good suggestions.

    My shoes have to be - all white, no logo, all leather, professional.

    All leather??! Anyone know of a mid-top/hi-top shoe described above?