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  1. Not sure what to do. Licensed RN working as tech.

    I had to tech for 3 months after I graduated, but had a lot of support from my manager. My facility did not hire GNs, and while my dept technically did not hire new grads, they got permission from our medical director to hire me. I had been a tech th...
  2. Has anyone done the WGU online RN to BSN program?

    There is absolutely none of the posting and responding to posts junk that some other online places require. Tasks are generally papers or power points that are submitted via Taskstream as they are completed, you don't have to wait to hear back to sta...
  3. Has anyone done the WGU online RN to BSN program?

    I recently completed my ASN to BSN and loved it, it took me a year to do (and I'm a procrastinator!). Several of my co-workers and my manager are also attending the school, it works well for people with busy schedules.
  4. What's the best way for me?

    I'm looking to go into an FNP program (or maybe women's health?). I started out with my ASN and recently completed by BSN through WGU, a program I did well in. My husband and I are moving out of state in about a year, so if I wanted to do an in-perso...
  5. What are these called?

    Retention sutures?
  6. Should I Maintain EMT-B with new RN?

    If I wanted to eventually get my medic, would it speed things along to have my EMT-B or would it just be an RN-medic bridge program?
  7. Should I Maintain EMT-B with new RN?

    The critical care transport does sound intriguing... hmm!
  8. Should I Maintain EMT-B with new RN?

    I've been an EMT-B (NREMT) for several years. My current license expires 3/12, though I graduate from nursing school 12/11 and hope to take my NCLEX 1/12. I work as an ED Tech right now and plan to continue on as an ED nurse. I'm usually a "the more ...
  9. How to deal with blood and guts

    Try not to stare at whatever it is (outside of an impersonal clinical assessment) and try not to think too much about how you would feel if it was you. I find staring at blood is a sure way to start feeling off about it no matter how used to it you a...
  10. Care plan help...please!

    Impaired skin integrity for sure, with interventions to include any wound care.
  11. Advice for an EMT in Nursing school

    From a current RN student who is also an EMT and has heard a lot about other students like us: - Don't be that person who has to tell a story about your experience with every question. Nobody will appreciate it. - Stop thinking like an EMT. This soun...
  12. I wear Landau comfort shoes, forget the name, but they're all rubber so I can easily wipe them off. Nobody wants to clean blood/poo/etc off of shoelaces! I also get no-show socks with cushion, normally when they're on sale from wherever. I would go f...
  13. Trauma Nursing, Paramedics, and the ER

    ASNs are still getting hired in my area, but it may be different in yours. I'd check your local boards here and ask.
  14. Trauma Nursing, Paramedics, and the ER

    Sure, or you can do your ASN so you can start making money sooner before moving on to your BSN. It really depends on your area, financial situation, etc.
  15. Trauma Nursing, Paramedics, and the ER

    I'm an EMT-B working in an ED. It's actually possible to work in a lot of different places with your EMT-B depending on your area -- I've been able to use it as a medical assistant, CNA, etc. Where I work, paramedics have no more scope of practice th...