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  1. Good afternoon to all. I just found this site, and I want to see if you can help me. I started going to this prominent school and all my energy and excitement that I had is gone. I am very depressed about this whole thing. I do not eat, do not sleep and are generally tired. The doctor says there is nothing wrong with me, I think it is stress. I went from a GPA of 3.91 to getting 60s and 70s on my stupid tests. Because I was so scared I did not do so well on my vital signs check offs. Tomorrow is my clinicals, I am so scared and I do not know what to expect. I am also having a difficult time studying. I cannot concentrate, I lose my point of focus. Also for some of my labs we watch videos before the lab and we are supposed to repeat what was shown to us. I have a very hard time doing this. Any advice?
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  3. by   babynursewannab
    Struggling... well first off, welcome to the board.

    I wouldn't freak out too much about the drop in scores right now...that happens to a lot of us once we actually start the nursing program.

    I am sorry. I know how all of that feels and how it tears into your performance. Try to keep your chin up for now and do the absolute best you are able to do. That way you can look back on this time period and know your effort was there and the grades weren't just because you gave up. Better to know it was the best you can do than you just "didn't." Make sense?

    Time and experience will go on your side. Be sure with your clinicals to focus on the patient and listen to them. They guide you so much. You'll be surprised how much has actually stuck and it's not the pt that's stressing you out but it was the teacher looking over your shoulder that did it! Good luck and I hope you start feeling better soon. Welcome to the board and we're here for you!

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  4. by   renerian
    Maybe you can talk with your lab instructor and ask if someone can show you a hands on demonstration. I remember our first skills lab was handwashing. 50% of the class failed including me. LOL. Do you think you like nursing or is someone pressuring you to be a nurse? OUr classes were so large........there were 500 when we started 250 graduated. They make it hard on you, very hard. Can I ask how old you are? Are you fairly young? I only ask that because it can be overwhelming when your younger. Do you take notes? Do you take your lectures?

    Lets post some on this topic and see if we nurses can help you......

    Welcome also!

  5. by   strugglingstude
    Hi renerian;

    I am 48 yrs old an I have three kids. what do you suggest that I should do for my first clinicals tomorrow? What am I supposed to pay attention to?
  6. by   Dr. Kate
    First of all remember, you are a capable person with a lot of skills and abilities--you have 3 children you are clearly proud of. Your children are evidence that you can meet virtually any challenge.

    For clinicals tomorrow, the thing to remember is to focus on the person in the bed (the patient). Most patients are supportive and accepting of students. Introduce yourself, tell the person that you're an RN student and that you'll be their nurse today (another thing to remember: you're the nurse). Tell the person what you'll be doing with and for them. Talk with the patient even if they can't respond. And don't forget to breathe.

    Pay attention to the patient first, then to what you're doing, and the rest will take care of itself.

    You need to eat right and get enough rest, so be sure to eat breakfast, wear comfortable shoes, and get some sleep. Breathe, not too fast, nice and easy, you'll be fine.

    Welcome to nursing and the boards. Keep us postd on how you're doing. You'll be fine.
  7. by   Mkue
    Excellent advice Dr. Kate

    Welcome Strugglingstude! you've come to the right place
  8. by   Love-A-Nurse
    welcome to the board. all the best to you.
  9. by   jnette
    Ever hear the saying "the worst thing you have to fear is fear itself" ? ( I THINK that's what it was..)

    At any rate, it's true ! YOU are in charge of your future! Don't be CONTROLLED by anything or anyone else ! If this "fear" is controlling you, it is only because you are allowing it to. Turn it around.. take hold of the reigns! Put fear (or anything else that is bothering you) under your thumb, foot.. wherever ! Put it in its place. Do not allow it to choose your path. YOU take control, don't allow your emotions to take control. Ask yourself what is there to be afraid of? So you don't do so well on a few tests ! So what? Does that neccessarily mean the REST of your tests will be flops, too? NO ! Only if you allow that kind of thinking to dominate your thoughts. You can CHOOSE what you allow in your head, and you CHOOSE what you want to reject! If these thoughts come to you, REJECT them as if deleting them on your computer !
    They don't belong..."OUT"!
    You CAN do this, Struggling. VISUALIZE yourself doing well. SEE yourself doing GREAT ! You become what you imagine. Keep the positive thoughts and ACT on THEM.. toss out the negative ones as if they were threatening your life.. shut the door in their face !

    I have confidence in you... you do, too, or you would never have even begun this journey... don't allow any doubts to creep in.
    Hang tuff... keep in touch !

  10. by   frankie
    Hello struggling - It is normal to be a bit fearful of clinical - taking care of patients is a huge responsibility. You take care of yourself and your children - do the same for your patients. I have always treated my patients as I would have treated my son, or my mother. That is a good rule of thumb when wondering what to know, what to do, when to notify a doctor, - you have these skills already - as a mom. You just need to apply the skills to your patients. Take a break for yourself and get lost in a good book for a few hours - that will calm your nerves. frankie
  11. by   Rena RN 2003
    wonderful advice here. welcome to the boards!
  12. by   RNIAM
    Here is an excersize that our instructor made us do
    what I want to accomplish my first thought the opposite
    Get VS done at I will get them
    bath patient ya it will happen
    chart if I remeber how I will do it

    sounds lame but i went from a bumbling fool last Thurday to a function student nurse on Friday just by changing my negative self talk. Try i swear by it.I also like to start my clinical with a quick relaxation exercise...deep breath it works and good luck!
  13. by   dianacs
    Introduce yourself, tell the person that you're an RN student and that you'll be their nurse today (another thing to remember: you're the nurse).
    I didn't know we could introduce ourseves as the "nurse". I thought we were to refer to ourselves as the "student nurse". When you are a student, you are not yet licensed to practice nursing, so you shouldn't call yourself a nurse, right? Unless working under your instructor's license suffices in this situation. I wouldn't want to inadvertently pull a "Nurse Judy" I'll check this one out.
  14. by   RNIAM
    Your right, we can't introduce ourselves as nurses. We are not nurses, we are Nursing students and that is how you should introduce yourself.