VENT: Depressed and Discouraged...Wasn't Accepted

  1. Found out last week that I didn't get accepted into nursing school for this coming semester. I applied at Baptist School of Health Professions for the evening/weekend RN program. They only accept 20 students for this program. My NET scores probably weren't high enough. I met the minimum required, but my reading score wasn't all that high either. The thing is, two of my pre-reqs are going to be 5 years old by the Spring semester, and they want the pre-reqs to be no older than 4 years old. I emailed and called the advisor last week to ask if these two classes will still be valid by Spring 2010 semester, or if I'll need to take them over (which I don't want to do), and take the NET over. She hasn't replied to neither email or voice mail! If they will still be ok, I'm going to apply again for the Spring, but if not, I'm going to apply to SAC's nursing program, and maybe take those classes over. I also have another problem: I HAVE to continue working my day job for at least another year, and from what I understand, SAC's nursing program is only daytime. A lot of these programs for nursing or surgical tech (I'm also interested in the surg. tech. program) are day time! Should I just wait until next year when I can quit my job? My husband and I were really hoping I would have gotten accepted (the sooner the better), so I could begin the nursing program, and finish so we could move into a better neighborhood. Now this is going to set us back. I feel stuck and lost, and dealing with this is making it even more difficult for me to go into work every day to my crummy job!

    The only evening nursing program I know of if the one I applied to, and Galen's (for LVN). I do not want to attend Galen, mainly because their program is very expensive and the evening program is long (21 months for LVN). I also do not want to become an LVN, because I hear there aren't many options for LVNs, and I'm afraid I won't have that chance in the future to go back to school for my RN. (I really had my heart set on going straight for my RN.)

    I got in touch with another school (Academy of Health Care Professions) to get some info on their x-ray tech program, but the guy wouldn't give too much info over the phone except that they have an evening program, so I made an appt. to speak with him. Now it's to the point where I want to get in some type of program in the medical field that will satisfy me and pay decent money...if I want to save my sanity, I need to get out of my current job!

    I'm just hoping the advisor from BSHP will tell me my pre-reqs will still be good for next semester...

    Does this mean nursing wasn't meant to be? Now I feel that I'm not smart enough, and I'm so lost and depressed right now! I'm sort of afraid to even try again...don't have too much confidence in myself at the moment.

    Any advice or suggestions are welcome...thanks.
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  3. by   tfleuter
    If you want to be an RN, then i would stop entertaining the idea of going surgical/x-ray tech route. I'm guessing the only reasons that these options appeal to you is b/c they offer quick, short term gratification, meaning you can get into a program quickier and the positions pay better than your current job. But if you want to be an RN, it is better for you in the long run to stick it out at your current job for another year and reapply next fall. If anything, retake the two courses that will expire and focus getting good grades on those so you will have a better chance of being accepted to your school of choice.

    This whole moment will seem like a hiccup when down the road you have become a RN and doing the job you really wanted. A year seems like forever when you are eager to get out a bad job into a better one, but in the grand scheme of things, it's only a short time. I'm sure you are intelligent enough to get into a RN program that will work for your situation, don't let one denial letter make you think otherwise. Good luck in whatever you choose!
  4. by   TakeTwoAspirin
    "Does this mean nursing wasn't meant to be?"

    No, it just means that the economy is very tight and people are seeking safe harbour in secure jobs = applications to nursing school are up. It sucks, I know, but you will just have to persevere and keep trying. People who are drawn to the profession just because they perceive it as "safe" will probably give up when the going gets tough, or the recession eases. People such as yourself, will persevere and succeed! Don't let this one setback put you off, if your going to be a nurse you need to toughen up a bit ;-).
  5. by   shortye
    You are capable! Sometimes we need to try and try again. If it's what you want, don't give up! I think we forget that sometimes we have to try and try and try again. It's actually more normal than we think to not get what we want the first time around.
  6. by   JJRN09
    I am sorry to hear that you did not get into the program. I want to encourage you to try for SAC, I am a current student there and it is a good program. You are worried about the day time class thing but I wanted to tell you that SAC also offers night classes and some clinicals on the weekends. If I can help anymore please feel free to PM me.
  7. by   Daytonite
    I'm a big believer that things happen for a reason. Keep applying. You are still young. I would take the pre-reqs again if the time runs out. Over the years I have take A&P 4 times because of the time element, the programs I was applying for that required A&P and my grade improved each time--its inevitable because you are being exposed to the information again. The unknown factor is the instructor's testing methods.

    Are you in California (you mentioned LVN programs)? The community college tuition is very inexpensive and affordable in California ($20/credit hour).

    Another idea is to get your CNA and work as a CNA. CNAs work all shifts. CNA training only takes a few weeks and many places offer it as on the job training. Some facilities will also offer tuition reimbursement as an employee benefit. When I was in nursing school I worked the week end night shift as a nursing assistant in order to go the nursing school during the week. Later as an RN when I went back to school for my bachelors degree I did the same thing--work part time on the night shift, weekends only while I completed my BSN degree. One of the nice things about working in health care is that it runs 24/7 254 days a year and there are a lot of places that need people to work nights, weekends and holidays.
  8. by   Domina
    Hang in there! I know its easier said than done. I am awaiting my letter for Aug 09 Rn class. I know if I don't get in I will feel just like you but don't give up yet. I know it may seem right now like all is lost but it's not.

    Take Care
  9. by   newhope2009
    I had finised about all my preqs 10 years ago and got prego - so I put my life on hold for my family. I recently have gone back to school since all my kids are in school now and I did not get in the first try - well I haven't gotten in yet at all - but I thought of applying for the LPN program and was basically told it was a nobrainer that I would get in - and did - but when I went in to talk to the head of the program she was like - this isn't what you want - your heart isn't in it - keep plugging along until you get in. She scheduled me to meet with one of the advisors for the RN program and we came up with a plan - and YES I did have to repeat A&P I and II - because it was so long ago. Am trying for the spring and hoping for the best!! Like you I wanted to get through with school because when my husband gets home from Iraq he is changing careers and going to Surg Tech school. We can't have both of us in school at the same time - but maybe just maybe if he can get a job as a firefighter when he gets home we won't have to worry about it.
    You can do it - don't give up and just plugging along. I would go over to the school and see if you can get an apt and talk with them and ask them if you will have to retake the classes.

    Best of luck!

  10. by   beth66335
    I agree with Daytonite, I failed my math class in prereq's and had to retake it and wait a whole year more to apply to my nursing program. Then last Fall, I failed the semester math comp exam by 2 pts and was dropped until this next Fall. Things happen for a reason, but I have never told myself at any time I must not be destined to be a nurse...I want it, so it's meant to be! Take her advice and get your CNA, your schedule will be flexible and you will get to be around all kinds of interesting medical info and procedures. Retake those 2 prereq's if you can and then apply to both programs you mention! Good Luck!:heartbeat
  11. by   Bortaz, RN
    Quote from Daytonite

    Are you in California (you mentioned LVN programs)? The community college tuition is very inexpensive and affordable in California ($20/credit hour).
    Sounds like she's in San Antonio, TX.
  12. by   Dottie, RN
    Thanks everyone for your replies! It's nice to know that I can come on here and express my feelings and get some good advice when I need to. I will call SAC, and also call BSHP again to check on my prereqs. If I need to take those two classes over again, I will and I'll keep trying!

    Thanks again! :redpinkhe
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  13. by   JeanettePNP
    I don't know if this will make you feel any better, but a lot of us who HAVE been accepted are worried and wondering if we made the right choice, given what the job market for nurses looks like right now... It just might not be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  14. by   JoI8815
    Please do not feel discouraged!! Although my situation is a bit different from yours, I know its hard not to feel discouraged sometimes but don't go by your emotions - walk by faith. Do what you have to do even if you have to take a year off from school and pick up from there. You're gonna be okay. There are people in their 50s in my classes taking certain classes over because of the same reason.

    What I suggest is although you really don't want to take those classes over, you may most likely have to because nursing schools are pretty strict about this [heck we all gotta jump some hurdles to get where we wanna go]. Enroll in a community college and take the classes that you need at night while you work during the day [I'm currently doing this and I'll be the first to tell you its not so easy, but its doable - my grades are pretty good and I'm not that smart, just determined]. A year is going to fly by really fast so I suggest you start re-applying for next year like now. I know this suggestion is not part of your plan, but I know that if you just have some faith, you can and will do it. In the end, you'll appreciate your accomplishment even more.