Unexpected but GOOD news

  1. GEE I tell you this week keeps getting better and better. Today I found out I have been awarded a scholarship for $2,500.00. I thought there was some kind of mistake maybe they had the wrong person then I thought well maybe it is suppose to be only two hundred and fifty dollars. NO it is actually a scholarship for twenty five hundred dollars and they do have the right person which is ME. I am so happy. It was much needed and I have been hoping for a scholarship to come my way for quite some time now. IT is a private foundation through my school and hospital that my school is associated with. I will be getting the money in 2 weeks and putting it away. It will be VERY nice for next semester because I will use it for books, supplies, childcare expenses, and other expenses associated with school like the cost of gas driving back and forth to clinicals. I am now looking for scholarships for my senior year even though it is nine months away many scholarship deadlines are right around the corner.

    Well take care everyone.
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  3. by   ADN 2002
    That's awesome! Congratulations - you deserve it, peaceful!
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  5. by   MRed94

    That is absolutely wonderful news!!

    What a load off your shoulders.

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    Congratulations, peaceful!

  8. by   giftedRN

    I am so happy for you!! It is so good when you are a mother like myself and get a scholarship which will help you especially with Daycare which is so expensive.

    I am hoping to get one from fasfa soon. I have applied and hope to get through. as an international student it is very expensive to attend school here but it worht the try.

    Congrats Girl!!
  9. by   moni rn
    way to go!!!! :d
  10. by   puzzler

    I am sure you deserve it. What a wonderful surprise! Thanks for sharing this with us.
  11. by   essarge
    Whoohoo!!! Almost like Santa visiting early isn't it!!
  12. by   peaceful2100
    Thanks Everyone! Yep it is like santa visiting early. I been praying for a long time for something I did not care if It was only $250. I have several applications for some scholarships that I will fill out for my senior year and will keep my fingers crossed again.
  13. by   thewhip
    Go ahead with your bad self! You deserve it! WOO HOO