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I have had a problem throughout the last 3 semesters with some people in my classes. I am twenty years old, about the age (if not younger) than alot of my classmates' children or sometimes... Read More

  1. by   traumaRUs
    We need ALL nurses: the young ones, the old ones, the middle aged ones! Welcome and thanks for pursuing a wonderful career!
  2. by   susanna
    I think for any group of people to be able to bond as colleages, fellow students, ect, is first and primarily contingent on that there is the said or unsaid recognistion and agreement that everyone in the group is equal, no the same, but equal in that they're all in the same boat working for a common goal.

    I think that if the people you're working with don't want to acknowledge you as their equal, then that is their loss. There are things you will always know and qualities you will always have that they will never have and vice versa. So if they don't want to work in a team with you and treat you as an equal, that is too bad and must be really their loss because they are missing out on learning a lot.
  3. by   hoppermom3
    I often struggle to be taken seriously. I am fairly small - 5'2", thin, with long almost blonde hair, and look much younger than my almost 31 years. I still get carded at motorcycle rallies. When I first started school, all the other older students snubbed me. I really don't have a lot in common with most of the younger students-I am married with 3 kids and very active in church and motorcycling. By the time the "older" students realized I was "older" too, they had already formed their own little cliques. This is a small school in a rural area, by the way. Even now, after a year, I only have a few friends at school. I just try to be thankful for the friends I have and not dwell on what others think of me.
    The funny thing is, my best friend at school is Mennonite and several years younger than me. People took to calling us the Amish girl and the Biker chick. We got a kick out of that.
  4. by   angel337
    i graduated nursing school at 29 and ironically i got similar treatment from clasmates because alot of them were 5-10 years older than me! we only had 3 girls in our program that were in their early twenties. most people are mid twenties now when they start nursing so i think its just a little jealousy going on. try not to let it get to you. don't feel you have to apologize for knowing what you want to do early in life. i admire younger people that know what they want, because when you get married and start having children, it is ALOT harder (but not impossible) to reach your goals. good luck with nursing school and keep up the good work!!
  5. by   enfermeraSG
    Being in my 30's and starting nursing school, I can say that I give younger folks a hard time too. Be sure you don't come off with a "know-it-all" at 20 attitude (seems like you do not though) Anyway, we are just jealous! I wish I had the sense to go to nursing school at 20 and have 10+years under my belt by now rather than starting fresh! I went the paramedic route instead. Oh well, no real regrets............I have lots of good stories!! Hang in there, like someone else said there's a prejudice around every corner! SG
  6. by   cherokeesummer
    I can understand what you are saying for sure. Although I haven't had this problem at school. I am one of the two youngest in my class but I was thankful to have a class with people who have children and families and full time jobs and yadda yadda but at the same time I appreciate those few like me who do not have kids, but still have full time jobs. I don't think it is much about age for me - I just seem to mesh well with those who are in similar situations, trying to juggle everything. Whether they are 18 or 38, if we share some common ground it seems we get together. But I've also been lucky that all of my classmates and I have gotten along well, through our similarities and differences.

    I say, hold your head up high, be yourself and I'm sure that they will eventually figure ou that you are a great individual, regardless of age.

    Best Wishes!!!!
  7. by   mariedoreen
    I used to be you! So I've experienced everything you're talking about and understand what you say you're feeling. Last summer, however, I crossed over to the other side when I found myself in a CNA class at age 33 with a 17 year old high school student. The night we learned how to do BPs and then had to practice on each other was the first time I had ever done one... My first partner was the 17 year old who had taken health occupations courses in high school. I asked her if she knew how to take a BP and she said "Oh yeah, I've done tons of them." I felt a twinge for a second... not sure what it was... something about the fact that a 17 year old was so on top of the game that she was totally taking the steps necessary to secure her future at such a young age and here I am, 15 years out of high school, married with children, and working on the same thing that she is... Jealousy? Feeling of inferiority?? Perhaps, but I recognized it for what it was.. not fair to her... and I threw on a smile and said "Great, then you can help me get this down!"

    Others have already given you great advice, so all I'll say is, I know it hurts and it's not fair to you but try to recognize that it's not your problem, it's theirs. Stay humble, get through it and don't let 'em know you're bothered!
  8. by   Energizer Bunny
    Hey, I've already had eye-rolling from the younger students and classes haven't even started yet. It goes both ways.
  9. by   Christina_NICU
    Eeep, they sound harsh. I'm happy I have at least one friend who is starting nursing the same time as me and I'll probably stick close to her! :stone

    I just hope there aren't a lot of older/mean people in classes who are going to have a problem with me being only 21, single, with no kids and never having had a job in my life...

    I started at a 4-year university a couple of months after graduating high school and have been taking 12-15 credits every semester with no breaks and my wonderful parents to financially support me. I hope they don't think less of me for that. :uhoh21:
  10. by   atarisangel
    Wow I'm glad I'm not the only one. Most of the people I've met so far in my school are either older than me, and/or have kids. While I've met some people who could care less, I've also met some that hold it against me. I've gotten "They better select me over you because you're still just a kid", and "you don't have enough life experience yet to be a nurse." Then sometimes I feel left out of the conversations because they'll all be talking about their kids, divorces, ect.. Oh well though.
  11. by   mattsmom81
    Lots of insecure people in the world everywhere looking for a way to feel better about themselves. Stay focused and self reliant.. it will serve you well in nursing and in life.