to many applications and not enough spots.

  1. I live in tupelo ms and attend icc we had 600 applications and they were only supposed to accept aroud 60 students. Is it this competitive every where? If there is a shortage of nurses than why not have more spaces available?
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  3. by   Berta
    last year my school had over 400 applicants and 40 slots avail. this year over 700 applicants, they did take 70 students this year. I am one on the lucky ones.
  4. by   iliel
    I still can't believe that I live in the only town where no one wants to be a nurse! For this semester, 64 spots, 64 apps. Last semester, 64 spots, apps-less than that!
  5. by   memphispanda
    Yes, it's competitive most places and becoming more so.
    There are multiple reasons for not opening more spots. First, you have to have someone to teach those additional students. Not just classroom (where ratios could be higher) but also clinical instructors. People don't want to teach nursing because it pays less than working other places. There also is a need for areas to have clinicals. Some floors aren't suitable for students, aren't friendly for students, or are only suitable for higher level students.
  6. by   KaylaRN2005
    I also live in Mississippi, southern mississippi to be more specific, and things are just as competitive here. I didnt get in for this year, hoping to next year.
  7. by   marilynmom
    I think most places it is that competitive.

    Also since there is a shortage of nurses that means everywhere---schools, hospitals, etc There are not enough of them to teach and most dont want any lower pay than they are already getting.

  8. by   KAYfutureLPN
    My school only has one LPN program a year and only 30 students get into it. I was one of the lucky ones
  9. by   manna
    I'm in Mississippi too - my brother is a doctor in Tupelo!

    I just got an e-mail back from the director of the nursing program at MUW - I plan on applying there for fall 2004. I was told that for their BSN program they have 350 apply for 50 seats.
  10. by   VickyRN
    For a true insider view of the faculty nursing crisis, see my post:
    PS. Forgive me for continuing to beat this "dead horse"--I am very irked about this situation.
    I will also continue to give updates of the cc faculty-shortage situation in NC as events (good or bad) occur.
  11. by   RN2BTam
    I'm in Houston. It's very competitive here, too. My school had 350 applications submitted for 120 positions. I was also one of the lucky ones. I start Aug 25th!!!
  12. by   traumaRUs
    There are no instructors - major reason for this problem. I'm an RN (age 45) finishing an MSN (the minimum req to teach). There are fewer and fewer older (yucky word) nurses willing to teach. I don't plan to, because I would take a huge pay cut, right at the time I need to plan for retirement. Pay the instructors more and you would have the teachers!
  13. by   Love-A-Nurse
    yes, and it will get worse before it gets better. the instructors already there are just about to retire. solutions are needed, quick!