To LPN,Future, RN and everyone else starting class today

  1. I'm so jelous!!! LOL Tell me everything. I am so curious and excited!
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  3. by   nrselisa
    Rhona, I don't leave for a couple more hours, but I will tell you everything as soon as I get home I am getting so excited!!!!

  4. by   GPatty
    I had Microbiology on Monday, and she mostly lectured and gave us our homework assignments. The homework was the worst...but that's ok. It's not due till Sept. 4th adn I have it halfway done.
    I acessed my Internet courses. Public Speaking has to be done. I did my first assignment for that, and found out I have to make 2 speeches on videotape, so I think I can handle that.
    Sociology looks pretty easy. Alot of quizzes, but it might be interesting....
    Advanced Human Physiology I had last night. A review of A&P, I;m thinking...yep....that's what I'm thinking....
    Came home and retyped my 7 pages of notes from Adv. Hum.Phy. and condensed them into 5 pages.
    Have Micro again today. But it's lab day...ought to be kind of fun.....

    Yep...I'm thinkin' I might be a college student forever!

  5. by   SusanRN2004
    Funny...the number of posts from students is way down..I wonder If they are all in shock, like I am!!!

    ...I am sooo tired after two days! (and 10 hours of lecture) Last night, (day 2 of school) I was more tired that I ever remember being....I felt like I needed to do something when I got home, and I was too tired to I copied assignments and tests from the 60+ pages of syllabi onto one calendar and went to sleep for a couple of hours....OH MY --what have I gotten myself into!

    The amount of material that we will cover this semester seems overwhelming....And I'm a good student!

    I thought our Fundamentals book would be used for both years...found out we will cover most of the 1600+ pages in the next 16 weeks, not counting all the other readings, assignments, drug cards, checkoffs, computer programs to work through and test on, reports, care plans........

    Is anyone except Julie still excited after the first week...come on, I need inspiration!!!

  6. by   Lausana
    [Raising my hand] I'm still excited (& overwhelmed as usual) I'm just trying to stay focused and stay off the computer until I'm "done" for the night!!

    But I'm off in about an hour for school and I'll being going nonstop until tonight I think that's the hardest part! My stomach's grumbling in preparation for being hungry for a real meal

    Good luck to you guys starting today!!
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i don't know how i feel after yersterday . tuesdays are going to be such a "drained" day for me. i did study for a couple of hours last night, but for only one class.

    after doing some house cleaning this evening, i will finish organizing my notes and read some pertaining to all 5 classes.
  8. by   nursing 101
    Well, today was my second day in class... I feel better I'm kinda really getting into things now. No more blur!!... lol. MY Anatomy prof said to stick to HIS notes. Only what we do in class he said. But I'm still gonna go over most of the material just in case for the test. I don't wanna get shocked that day. He actually gives out notes (well we gotta make copies of them).
    Let's see if he'll kill us...