Three different teachers in one semester!! Is this normal??

  1. I am in a class that is a combined class of Pathophysiology and Pharmacology. The first week of class our teacher (who we have had for other classes in the past) told us that she got a job some where else and will be leaving. So currently the director of the nursing program is teaching our class. Then yesterday during break she has some one come in the room and tells us that this person will be taking over for HER in April. THREE teacher changes is ONE semester in THE SAME CLASS!!. Let alone pharmacology! Has this happened to any one else?? Do I have a right to be ticked?
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  3. by   SonicnurseRN
    In my program we have about 5 instructors per class & guest lecturers. It gets very frustrating because they all contradict each other and that makes exams VERY HARD. They teach in a tag-team type style. Very annoying, but not unusual.
  4. by   Soup Turtle
    That sounds like a nightmare!!!
  5. by   trellimana
    Our program teaches tag team type style as well; we have at least 2-3 instructors per class. Agree w/pp, very hard for tests and quite annoying!
  6. by   caliotter3
    Annoying and a reason for dissatisfaction with what you are getting for your tuition buck. But be glad you are in a traditional program and this is somewhat controlled. I know someone who attended a proprietary LPN program, REALLY paid big bucks, and they couldn't keep the instructors from day to day. The students were almost teaching themselves and there was talk whether the class would have to be discontinued d/t not being able to get "warm bodies" to make it look like it was going. Now talk about a waste of money!
  7. by   P_RN
    In my psych rota we had an instructor who was literally afraid to go onto the floor! The last 3 days of school we watched 8 hr long video tapes of the previous (retired) psych instructor. That was our whole psych exposure. Back in the day when State Boards were 2 days long with 5 different tests, I made my highest score in PSYCH!
  8. by   ladyinred667
    Quote from trellimana
    Our program teaches tag team type style as well; we have at least 2-3 instructors per class. Agree w/pp, very hard for tests and quite annoying!
    That's what they do in my program also. Different instructors teach different parts of the curriculum. I haven't heard any complaints from my classmates. I don't know how well it works personally; I take my lecture class online.
  9. by   Daytonite
    Back in my nursing school daze in the 70s we had a "team" of instructors. Each member of the teaching team seemed to be a kind of expert on certain subjects in nursing. There were multiple forms of our tests since we were all taking the tests at various times throughout the semesters. This was done, I imagine, as a defense against the students cheating and revealing questions on the exams to those who hadn't yet taken the tests. Looking back, I think a lot of thought and planning went into the structuring, evaluation and testing of the nursing students of the program. We definitely came away from nursing school with an understanding of basic nursing!