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I am going to stick this one on top and see how well it is used. I thought it might be a good idea to have a place to post our upcomming tests and grades. I will start I have a lab test on identify... Read More

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    Quote from love-a-nurse
    i received my grade on my 2nd fundamentals test yesterday (an 82-b), the highest grade being an 88-b, took a pharmacology test and health assessment test today.

    i have another fundamentals test monday, am trying to complete 23 assignments for my cis class by thurdays night class (5 more to go), already done my portfolio for my orientation class tomorrow and need to get started on another health assessment test. i have check off in lab tomorrow and i am too tired to sleep.

    i am thankful i am in the program and still surviving as so many of my classmates aren't doing well.

    i copied this from another thread so i wouldn't have to re-type it.
    sound like your are a student at bchs. i'll be there this fall.