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  1. I'm about to start school and looking to get a decent medical dictionary that will get me all the way through my program (Dec. '08.)

    Does anyone use Taber's? I don't have a PDA, but I do have a laptop that will be with me almost constantly. I was thinking about getting it on a CD or using the subscription service so I can avoid buying the huge book. A year long subscription is only about $30.

    So send me your thoughts about Taber's...the book versus the CD versus the online subscription.

    Or, if you have any other suggestions on medical dictionaries, send them my way.

    Your help is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   Irene joy
    I have taber's medical dictionary. I bought it about the same time I started A&P. I found it really useful, not just for that class, but for micro and anything relating to pathophysiology. The nice thing is, sometimes it's a lot quicker to look something up in taber's then to search through your textbook for the definition of something. I would say, buy it, you'lle use it for years.
  4. by   bookworm1
    I have the Taber's in book form. I used it throughout my prereq's and found it invaluable! I prefer the book form because sometimes I do not have my computer when I am studying (like, when I take the kids to the park to play). Also, I use it in my 'free time' and review some medical terminology. Weird, I know .
  5. by   TemperStripe
    Thanks for the info! Irene joy, do you have the book, CD, or online version?

    Thanks for the posts so far!
  6. by   Galore
    You may want to check with your nursing program. I just got done buying all my books and one of my courses had a specific dictionary as a required text (Encyclopedia & Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, & Allied Health by Miller-Keane). Also, whatever you choose to buy, make sure you check and see if cheaper used versions are available online (, amazon). I got mine significantly cheaper and it's in flawless condition.
  7. by   TemperStripe
    Thanks for the response! The class book list just says "a good medical dictionary..." and doesn't really say what kind. Maybe I could just get one of those cheaper Webster's? I saw them advertised for about $8.00 used. Not sure...I kind of think I want to go all out since I'll probably be using it a lot. Thoughts?
  8. by   elisabeth
    I'm not in school yet, but I was required to by Taber's for a medical terminology class. Sometimes I flip through it and read it for fun. I have just the book, but I purchased it new and it came with a code for free online access to Taber's for a year. I may eventually get it for my Palm TX, but I want to wait and see what my program requirements are.

    The medical dictionary is nothing like a regular dictionary. It does make for interesting reading, though!
  9. by   dorselm
    I'm a first semester nursing student and our class was required to buy Taber's. I can't compare it to any other book but it's pretty good. I have it on PDA and instead of having to lug a big book around, I just type in what I want and it's there. Tabers is very good and I use it everyday I'm in class.
  10. by   KrysyRN
    I have Taber's on my PDA and use it constantly. I also have an older book version (probably 10 years old) and a Mosby's dictionary that's about 10 years old. The Mosby's is significantly larger in size than Taber's, but it's filled with tons of pics and great info. I really like both and would highly recommend getting a book version of either one. As far as an on-line subscription, I'm not sure sure I'd recommend that. I think having the textbook would be a better option (you can throw it in to a bookbag or carry it to clinic, etc. Plus, you'll have it around forever.) If you ever get a PDA, I'd recommend the Taber's PDA version. I don't know if Mosby's has a PDA dictionary.
  11. by   Achoo!
    I use Mosbys Medical, Nursing, and Allied Health Dictionary.
  12. by   kukukajoo
    I have the Mosby's print version as well as an another one I got at a library sale for $2.00- Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary. I love them both and what one does not have, the other does.
  13. by   NurseLatteDNP
    Quote from Achoo!
    I use Mosbys Medical, Nursing, and Allied Health Dictionary.
    Me too, and I really like it.
  14. by   elby812
    I just picked up my books today and that was one of them (Tabers). A cd comes along with it.... I haven't used it yet but my mom said that was the one she used when she went to nursing school like 25 yrs ago. She said it will come in handy...
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