study tips for nursing students

  1. I graduated last summer from nursing school. I have been a practicing RN since October. Yes the journey does have a happy ending. With nursing school right around the corner I think it is only right to post studying tips from other students, to get off in the right direction. When I was in school I tutored other students in Nursing. The main help was teaching others how to study, The knowledge is in the books, but retaining all that info. is the hard thing. So I will post a few. Feel free to add.
    1. Organize, organize, organize.
    2. Highlight important info., key words and phrases. (So many times I had students Highlighting the whole book)
    3. study groups, but only study with others who are serious about studying. Many times it turns into a social get together. And nothing gets accomplished.
    4. Make play dates with your children, because when it is time to sit down and study your kids will be happy with the time already spent with them.
    5. Study in chunks, Really break down the material into small bits. Easier to remember.
    6. Use a crockpot and plan meals ahead when you have time. Casseroles are great.
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  3. by   IowaKaren
    Another tip, learn to accept a messy house when in classes :imbar
  4. by   Momto2Boys
    Originally posted by IowaKaren
    Another tip, learn to accept a messy house when in classes :imbar
    HAHA I am accepting that now too!
  5. by   janleb
    Also learn to delegate early on. There is not reason why older siblings can't help around the house. Give them a list and hold them accountable. There is more to life than talking on the phone and playing nintendo.!!!!!!
  6. by   Jen2
    Schedule study time so that it becomes routine. I found that if I go home after class, I don't study. I usually add about two hours to my class time. If my class ends at 4:00 I go to the library until about 6:00. It feels so good to get home and have readings and homework done. However, it is harder to do this with evening classes. I also believe in alternating my study habits. One night I will go to the library, meet with a study group another, and then maybe go to a coffee shop or Barnes and Noble. This keeps studying not so boring to have different atmospheres to stimulate you.
  7. by   bedpan
    It was many many many years (almost 30!) since I was in school of any type so I had to completely learn how to study again!

    The one thing I have found that has helped me tremendously in a number of different instances so far has been simply making flash cards from regular index cards -

    These have been invaluable for Medical Terminoligy (It seems at times I still have trouble with the English language and they wanted THIS from me???), Abbreviations, Key Words, Definitions and on and on!

    It is very easy to put aside the ones you get down and just work on the ones giving you problems.
  8. by   l_wheat
    Hi, I am also re-entering the school scene after a few years off (secret). I am just now beginning AP50 and I must admit Im having trouble with it, it is an online course and with no lecture there doesnt seem to be a direction for me. I have the outline of the course but without lecture I feel completely lost. I hope to god above that I can do this, this course at the moment seems to be the determining factor for my future online schooling. Wish me luck and good luck to all you other struggling students.
  9. by   Love-A-Nurse
    seeing things from other eyes are indeed worth taking notice of. thanks for the tips.
  10. by   Carolanne
    One of my favorites is getting up early on a Sunday morning. I know, ouch, but i found it made a big difference in my grades throughout the week. I get up early, make a nice cup of hot coffee and find that Yodel I've been hiding for myself and review my notes from the week before, highlight things which I really need to pound in, and do some reading for the upcomnig week's lectures. It's my own special time before the kids and husband get up and then .... well, you know the rest. It was hard at first sacrificing that extra sleep on a Sunday that we all look forward to, but with time I actually looked forward to it. I just curtailed my late show watching the night before so I got adequate rest!!
  11. by   JB CC-RN
    About 2 weeks into my 1st semester, I found that friends and family thought I had fallen off the face of the earth. I did not have time to phone or go see them the way I did before nursing school. What helped me, and them, is to send out a mass email with what I was doing, how classes were and that I love and missed them. They have all be so supportive. Thought this might work for someone else too.
  12. by   teeituptom
    Keep your nose to the grindstone, wouldnt that hurt anyway
  13. by   marci3335
    My tip on highlighting- if the instructor lectures out of the book, then highlight only the topics discussed in class. When you go back later to study you can open your book and see what your instructor thinks is important to know.
    Unless of course, your instructor is like my A&P instructor and she lectured on every single little nitpicking item!!!!!
  14. by   Jennerizer
    My advice is to carry your notes or index cards everywhere you go so that you can review them over & over when you find you have a few minutes of free time here & there. The more you read your notes, the more familiar they'll become (hopefully)!