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Hi everyone - These boards get a little slow some days! Thought i'd get a little something started! WHAT'S EVERYONE TAKING THIS SEMESTER? I'm a P/T pre-clinical student at BMCC taking... Read More

  1. by   collegegurl_2003
    Medical Surgical nursing, basic pharmacology(online), microbiology(i hate this class)..
  2. by   LeesieBug
    Med/surg II, mental health nsg., and pharmacology. Yee-ha!

    Psych has a crap load of paperwork, and all three have group projects...ICK!

    Hurry up, spring!
  3. by   MarcyRN3385
    This is my first semester of the nursing program. I am taking Nursing 111 (Fundamentals of Nursing).
  4. by   Love4Me
    Ob and Med Surg I plus 2 physical assessment classes this semester. In the Spring I will take Psych and another assessment class.
  5. by   jenrninmi
    Good luck everyone! It will go by so fast! This semester is my community health and leadership. My community health rotation is at a middle school, (I know, it may sound boring, but it's not) - there is someone that needs to be cathed twice a day and also gets medicine through her g-tube so I am getting some experience there. It's a relaxing atmosphere. I'm enjoying it. My leadership will be in L & D which I am SO excited about. It will be my second 6 weeks of class. I do have one 15-page paper to write this semester but it will be on something I'm actually interested in instead of a topic give to me. I'm already starting on it...

    I'm off today so lots of cleaning around the house and laundry to catch up on!
  6. by   gerry79
    RNU 108 Fund Of Nursing
  7. by   Ginyer
    Fundamentals of Nursing and Pharmacology...clinicals start mid March

  8. by   Christina_NICU
    Med/Surg clinical (Th & F from 3-9)

    I heard this is the hardest semester. I already have a test on Wednesday in Med/Surg, wish me luck! :stone
  9. by   nurseboudin
    Hi, I am in my first semester at TWU: This is crazy how much information we're given... I can hardly breathe.

    Classes are:

    Assessment Across the Life Span
    Nursing Therapeutics
    The Nursing Experience
  10. by   brina
    Hi! I wish everyone luck! I am in 3rd Level clinicals in a BSN program. This semester is OB and Peds. I have 2 days Peds clinicals and the following week 2 days OB clinical and then 2days Peds and so on..... we also have OB lecture and Peds lecture. I am looking forward to this semester because I think this is what I want to do. To those in their Med/Surg rotation.... Hang in there!!
  11. by   CarVsTree
    Mental Health Nursing
    Maternal Fetal Nursing
    Some Pediatric Clinicals
    Ethics and Moral Problems (online)
  12. by
    I'm in my last semester of an ADN program. I start out with a 5 week preceptorship, then I take 5 weeks of OB, and finally I take 5 weeks of Advanced Med/Surg (ICU, ER, etc.)

    Graduate May 13th (Friday!)

    I'm also taking a general humanities course for the bachelor's program I want to get into.
  13. by   GGingerSR
    I am in the last semester of an ADN program. May 17 is Graduation :hatparty: I have Nursing V Lecture, Lab & Clinical also taking a Communication class. Good luck to you guys that are just starting.