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After years of students not wanting to wear caps, our faculty are now confronted by students who WANT to wear caps/hats again! I don't agree, I HAD to wear mine as both a student and staff... Read More

  1. by   RNIAM
    I want a cap as well, not that I want to wear it every day but I want one so I can say look at me I am proud to be an RN. Look at what we see out there today we blend right in with the kitchen staff, or house keeping; ect. I can't stand it. It has gone to far. There is one RN in my hospital that wears her cap every day to work. Not to mention that she also wears her dress,white hose and shoes. Everyone looks at her. There is nothing anyone can do to get attention when she is around because she is the nurse. There can be ten nurses surrounding her and the patients will walk by them and go straight to her. Does she know something we don't?
  2. by   jnette
    Brian..... :roll !!! The "frilly" kind? :chuckle
  3. by   jnette

    not crazy about the caps, but still prefer "whites" for nurses.... just something about it that looks professional, clean, crisp.
    Sometimes have to wonder..would we ACT differently in"white"? People often DO act in accordance to their dress.. I notice it in myself. When I dress "casual", my behavior tends to reflect that more so than when I dress "professional"... anybody else noticed that? And if I "feel" more professional in white, I believe I would also be more aware of how I act...dunno.. maybe it's just me. Even in print scrubs, I do my best to be my best, but somehow I still feel "bestest" in whites ! Am I screwy, or what?
    With all the many different and beautiful styles today, I don't think I'd get bored with white. But "nah" to the caps. Corny.
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  4. by   recnurse1
    aaawww... I liked wearing my cap.... even after they stopped wearing them , every year at the hospital I was at we used to have 'dignity day' and every body wore theirs. We used to enjoy that. I still have it sitting here , in plastic, on a top shelf of my desk... just to keep my sights aimed while I'm studying for my ADN. I wouldn't mind wearing it again... it never was a bother to me, and I felt all nursey in it! LOL
  5. by   mark_LD_RN
    would never wear one. Ithink i would look ridiculous in one my self. i also think it is time nursing looses the image it portrays ,ie. subsurvience and you know the other one
  6. by   RNConnieF
    My LPN cap has been out of the box twice, once for graduation and once when my daughter was a nurse for graduation. When I graduated from RN school we not only didn't have caps we didn't have a pinning ceramony AND pins where optional. That's going too far I think. At my facility my name tag not only says My Name, RN but under it it says "Registered Nurse". Most of the nurses I work with attach their school pin directly to the name badge.
  7. by   tamh1977
    My recent class had caps! All of the elderly people loved them and they said that they respected us more for wearing them. I guess the white uniform and cap are just a tradition that the elderly loved. They say how important it USED to be to be able to distinguish the nurse from the CNA or laundry. I will tell you, I had no problems with my cap until we had clinical in the nursing home. I was bending over to wipe an elderly lady and GUESS WHAT??? My cap fell into the commode!! FULL OF DIARRHEA!! hehe. That was my most embarassing moment in nursing school. They teased me because I had my green stripe and they said now I had my brown stripe! Sorry, I felt I had to share that. ;-) I never had a patient complain about my cap, that is for sure...NOTHING BUT PRAISE FOR IT! ;-) Should a nurse look more professional??? Not for me to decide really, just wondering? That patients have told me they think so. Would it give us that professional image back perhaps?
  8. by   Till
    Thank all of you for your responses.
    To those of you who want to wear caps again; when
    you get thru school and see what a bother they are,
    I think you will change your mind!

    As for the cap/hat being a sign of professionalism, I have
    to disagree. It takes more than a cap and white uniform
    to make a professional nurse.

    A cap just makes you stand out in the crowd, and appear
    different--it does not make a better nurse.

    Again thanks to you all,

  9. by   nurseleigh

    I don't think anyone will argue that the cap and white don't make anyone more professional, but they do look it.

    Case in point - I am doing clinicals at the hospital and two nurses seem to stand out above all the rest. Are they better at their job? More efficient? More pleasant? NO!!!

    They do, however, wear white: one wears white pants and top and is never seen without her cap, the other is always in a white dress and white stockings.

    These two nurses seem to get all of the pt and family questions REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THAT PT IS THEIRS.

    I, personally, do not want to wear a cap. I do believe that nurses should be easily distinguishable from housekeeping, secretaries, and PCA/CNA's. I gotta go through all this school and the stress of state boards so that my pt can walk out and ask the housekeeper for his pain pills.

    Just my 2 cents

  10. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by till
    thank all of you for your responses.
    to those of you who want to wear caps again; when
    you get thru school and see what a bother they are,
    i think you will change your mind!

    i worked at a facility that still mandate nurses, lpns, like myself, and rns to wear caps. i am talking to this day and i for one liked it and it didn't hinder me from my during my job.

    as for the cap/hat being a sign of professionalism, i have
    to disagree. it takes more than a cap and white uniform
    to make a professional nurse.

    to me, it adds to the appearance/professionalism, but it does not make the person.

    a cap just makes you stand out in the crowd, and appear
    different--it does not make a better nurse. but that difference could be a good thing, couldn't it. i like the nursing caps and i only (98% of the time) wear white to work.

    at the last hospital i worked at [2002], my charge nurse wore hers every single day she worked and she worked the floor when we were short in her hat.

    again thanks to you all,

    our differences makes us unique, not better.

    have a great one till and a great topic, or so i think.
  11. by   cloudydrms
    I'm glad we don't have to wear a cap, but I would like to graduate with one on. I would just really feel like a graduating nurse if I had one on.