Stressing over school and everyone,lol!

  1. I receive the pell and GI Bill right now, which has made things easier on me. I quit work and have gone to school full time...thanks to everything else I am going to be able to finish all my pre reqs in 14 months or so, but here lies the problem. My husband and I live in housing that is lowere rent because of income limits....nice housing, but 4 bedroom for only 460.00. Pretty good for this area and we do get HUD so that I can devote time to studies. Well, he is getting a raise because his mothers comapny is doing so well at the time.......yea right? He will be bringing home a couple hundred more than he is now, but we will lose our assistance and may have to move because it will put us over the income limit for this housing. I am stressed to the max over this. So basically, even though he will be bringing in more...we will be losing around 350-400 a month. My GI Bill benefits run out in Oct 2002 and then I will be relying on pell grant only. I am checking into signing an agreement with a locla hospital for tuition and books, but if that doesn't work out I may have to take a year off until my daughter starts school(save the 260 in daycare) and wait tables for a year. I'm not happy about it, but right now I don't see many alternatives to this. I have been thinking maybe going LPN and then coming back for RN later, but I really wanted to go straight through.......have any of you dealt with similar situations? If so how did you handle it? This is all I need to find out two days before finals. The worst thing is this has given no notice....we found out it goes into effect next month and that is when I have to make all the changes....micro, chem, algebra....and maybe moving......THE HORROR,lol. I'm trying to keep upbeat and positive, but I am struggling to do anyway, thoughts? Suggestions? Will tak whatever I can get in the way of that right now........Thanks....

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  3. by   peaceful2100
    IT's pretty frustrating. IF you had help with daycare would you be able to still go to school now. Have you talked with financial aid at school, have you tried going to your local state office and asking about child care assistance. Child care assistance has helped me and you must be in school or work to qualify and you may qualify. Sometimes you do what you have to. That is all I kind think of at the moment.
  4. by   Robin61970
    I've been on the list for childcare assistance since May........they have a huge waiting list...a year long sometimes. they have a daycare that bases on income, but it is not a place I want my child to go.........seen how they do things. When I quit work to go to school i contacted and talked to everyone I could about help....I will just have to wait and see what pell should increase after income taxes because i didn't work and our income will go down....hope it will be ebough and that I can get the help from the Hospital........pray and keep your fingers crossed....
  5. by   crnasomeday
    This is a very familiar situation to me, Robin. I went through similar circumstances, and I can understand the anxiety you're feeling. There are a couple things I would suggest to you as far as finding the funding so that you can finish school.

    As peaceful said, you should check with your schools financial aid dept. If you qualify for pell, you should also qualify for some student loans. Make sure that your financial aid dept has taken into consideration the costs of childcare in your eligibility (there's usually an extra form you have to fill out for dependent care costs). You may also find help from some government agencies for childcare. I'm not sure what state you live in, but here in Illinois, there is an organization called CHASI, and they will help pay for child care, leaving you only responsible for a very small co-pay (mine was like three dollars a month for having three children in child care).

    Most of all, I would suggest that you just pray about it. God is good you know, and He has lots of blessings in store for you. It isn't His plan for you to feel worried or anxious. I know that this is probably very upsetting to you, and financial worries can be very difficult on a family. I'll be praying for you myself. Let us know how everything works out.
  6. by   janleb
    you might want to check to see what scholarships are available. We have a scholarship that is designed to take care of child care. Go down to your human services department, sometimes they will help out with job and childcare expenses. Especially if you are in school. It seems the more you want to help yourself the less help you get. I have not gotten a lick of child support for three kids, yet but I am still waiting. I go to school full time and work two jobs to just make ends meet. I didn't even qualify for food stamps. But if I quit everything I get a full ride for 24 months. I don't want a full ride I just want help with my tuition ( which I got financial aid for that ) , food stamps, and help with the child care. But I guess I am doomed to work myself to death. Thank God I am at least smart enough so I don't have to study 24/7.
  7. by   Danielle4
    I totally agree. I am also working two jobs to pay all my bills and afford school! I can totally relate.

    I commend you on doing so well.
    I really hope you find a way to stay in school, on the other hand if you have to wait a year as long as you stay focused that might not be that bad. I know you can do it.
    I wonder if the school you are attending has a day care? I wish I could give you more info on getting money. I am honestly looking for that information myself. If I find it I will definatly pass it your way.

    Good Luck
  8. by   Lausana
    Hey Robin!
    Don't get me started on being broke-got paid today & I don't have a dime that isn't "going" somewhere!

    I'm receiving some financial aid and also a stafford loan which will be for living expenses this next semester, I'm sure that you probably will qualify for student loans and I'd definately recommend going that route if you can rather than giving school up for the year, because it you are so motivated right now I know that would be hard to leave! The interest rates are great in the different loans and depending on what you qualify for, you may not have to pay any interest while your in school!

    As for childcare, I found in my area that it was much cheaper to take my son to an in-home childcare rather than a daycare center by $50/week, it is outrageous what they charge!! Even though the daycare center has more flexible hours, it just ain't gonna happen. Is there someone you might be able to "trade" babysitting with? You watch theirs and they watch yours to save some money & it also might be fun for the kids to have someone to play with.

    I started cleaning family members houses for extra cash, those who work love it and ask me to do the things they won't have the time to do and since I get paid in cash its wonderful! Now if I could only clean my own house...

    You will be in my prayers-hang in there!
  9. by   Robin61970
    Our school doesn't have a daycare and I tried to put her in the state headstart ptogram, but that lasted one morning before I took her out. My daycare is 65 a week anf it includes preschool classes. That is pretty good because inhome here is 40-50 a week so I am glad to have the preschool. I have talked to some friends about getting help from local hospitals....that will probably be the route I will take. I don't want to get a loan if I don't have to, but I may have to....we'll see......thanks for all the advice
  10. by   rosemadder
    Someone might have suggested this already (it's 2:53 in the morning on 3rd so I getting bleary), some of the loans available through school are the kind where you can work them off when you become a nurse. I was eligible for one this year which gave me $1500 the first semester and I'll receive another $1500 for next semester. After getting a job, this loan pays back off at $400+ a month if I work fulltime as a nurse in my state. It will take less than a year to pay off $3000.

    I also received Pell Grant of $2250 per semester, additional scholarships of $500 and VR pays tuition + fees. Contact VR (Vocational Rehabilition) and see if they can help you with anything.

    If you do end up having to get a Stafford Loan the interest rates are low and they will set up low monthly payments if necessary which you do not begin paying until six months after graduation. I have borrowed $5000 total from Stafford Loans in the past three years. Right now that's all the money I will owe if I repay the other loan by working it off.

    If any way possible it would be better to stay in school. The faster you get finished the cheaper it will be in the long run. The tuition at my school went up over $4.00 per credit hour this semester. (Doesn't sound like a lot-but it adds up). And the books are continuously going up!
    Good Luck!!