Stethoscopes anyone???

  1. Does anyone have any info on stethoscopes??? I need to get one for this Fall, and I'm not sure what kind to get !

    Is the littmanns any good?
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  3. by   Flynurse
    I have always use Littmann and I will probably always will use Littmann! I can't hear through anything else. Plus, they have a wide range of types and colors!!

  4. by   maire
    Love that Littman!
  5. by   Mkue
    Littman Cardio III love it
  6. by   twarlik
    Originally posted by cheripa
    Does anyone have any info on stethoscopes??? I need to get one for this Fall, and I'm not sure what kind to get !

    Is the littmanns any good?
    I just ordered a Littman Classic II. I was told that it was a good stethoscope for students. Not too expensive, plus it comes in several different colors.
  7. by   straba
    DRG (Doctors Reasearch Group) makes some nice ones. I really like the soft disposable diaphragms that they come with. I have thier Pure Tone Cardiology, and I love it. It's nice and heavy, and has great sound.
  8. by   Jenn_RN
    I love my Littman, got it at and it was cheaper than a nursing store. I got the master classic II, and I LOVE it.
  9. by   suzannasue
    Well...I was absolutely in LOVE with my Littman cardiology III...however...whatever you get, be sure to put your name all over the thing...mine was ripped off and I know who did it... but I cannot prove it because I had not put a name tag on it yet...and of all people, the thief is a MD...he altered the small bell by removing the diaphragm, and has his name written on a PAPER tag, attached to the tubing...I have been so angry...and he NEVER had a stethoscope before...always borrowed one from the staff... and he never removes it from his neck, but if he ever wil be mine again.... so be careful and never ever let the stethoscope out of your sight !!!! I have learned MY lesson...I don't want anyone else to have to go through this...
    sniff sniff....I miss my Littman...but if I ever get another one, I will have my name welded on the dang thing!!!!
  10. by   redwinggirlie
    I have two, a Littman with double tubing and a $10 one from Walgreens. I prefer the cheapie because I can hear well out of it and it's light. Doesn't break my neck and fits right in my pocket. I keep the Littman for use when I need the bell or for hard to ascultate pts. All in all, I've had no problems with my Walgreens special. My clinical instructors had similar types, however, when I moved to the cardiac ward, I used the Littman. Hope this helps.
  11. by   kats
    I also have a Littman cardiology III. I bought it online and it came with free engraving on the tube. Even though it has my name on it, I still plan to be very careful with it. I am just going to tell people that I don't loan it out for two reasons. One is that I don't want something that goes in my ears to be in other people's ears. I may as well loan out my toothbrush to anyone who asks if I did that. Also, apparently they really have a tendency to wander off. If it is an emergency of some sort, then I would have to consent and then just hope that it didn't get stolen I guess.
  12. by   sandylpn03
    Love my Littman, you can hear through it wonderfully, I got it when I was an EMT and needed to hear over sirens. It works. I have the Classic II SE, sounds like a car but that's what they offered then.

  13. by   Angelica
    I just ordered a Littman master cardiology from allheart. Haven't gotten it yet though.
  14. by   cheripa
    Thanks for all of your replys! I think I'm getting a Littman! I'll still check out some others the DRG...

    Thanks again!!